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La Colmena

La Colmena - classic sweet shop | Gimme Some Barcelona Travel Guide

La Colmena

What It Is: 

Beautiful pastries, candies, chocolates, in a shop that’s been serving up sweet treats for over a century.

Where It’s Located:

El Gótico | Google Map

Why We Love It: 

This classic, old-world-style European bakery and confectionery shop is a landmark here in Barcelona. We love stopping by for a quick treat and coffee, and whatever else might be in season (especially their panellets around the holidays).

Menu Recommendations:

  • Xuxos (pronounced; choo-choos) – flaky, croissant-like crust around crema Catalana. A version of creme brulée. A must-try while in Catalunya.
  • Panellets, when they are in season around the holidays. (We especially love the pine nut panellets!)

Other Tips:

  • They also have great coffee there, so grab a cortado to go with your sweets.
  • When it’s busy, they have a take-a-number system, so grab a ticket when you walk in and watch the number in red.
  • Check out our downloadable travel guide map for other recommendations nearby!


Website | Facebook | TripAdvisor | Yelp | t: +34 933 151 356

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La Colmena - classic sweet shop | Gimme Some Barcelona Travel Guide

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