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A photo journal of my day yesterday here in Barcelona. 

Eixample Barcelona Apartment

7:45am: Buenos días from Barcelona. ♡ Getting a late start to the day today, after not sleeping so well this week. Our lil’ babe has been setting records lately with how many times he wakes me up during the night, which I’m sure is only a very gentle foreshadowing of what’s to come. Still, whew, mornings are pretty groggy right now.

El Magnifico Coffee Barcelona

8:00am: We realized just before bed last night that we were out of coffee, so my sweet husband walked across the street to pick us up some flat whites this morning. Still one of my favorite things about living in Europe — little cafés serving good coffee are absolutely everywhere here.

Granola Parfait

8:15am: Breakfast creature of habit. Love my granola parfaits!

Ali Martin Pregnancy

9:00am: Showered, dressed, and ready to start the day with my lil’ buddy. (Who’s not so little anymore — he measured over 4 pounds during our ultrasound on Tuesday!)

Eixample Kitchen

9:15am: The view from my new “office.” (Icymi, we moved apartments here in Barcelona around Thanksgiving!)

I’m currently working ahead on recipes that will be shared here during my maternity leave, including this hummingbird cake recipe that will be coming your way in time for Easter. It’s a good one! (P.S. Who else is watching Matt’s season?! Thus far, he’s totally in the running to be my favorite bachelor ever.)

Smeg Mixer

10:00am: It still feels like such a treat each time I get to use this beauty, especially having baked without a stand mixer for our first three years in Barcelona. Loving my new Smeg! (And this cream cheese icing, holy yum.)

Christmas Cards

10:45am: Barclay just went to check the mail and found a pile of Christmas cards that arrived well over a month late, which is par for the course with our international mail situation here in Spain. Nearly half of the packages sent to us never make it out of customs, cards always arrive very (very) late, and any mail that we send out is always a bit of a gamble. Ah, expat life.

Editing food blog photos

11:15am: Editing photographs for a different cake recipe while the hummingbird cakes bake up in the oven. (Can you tell that pregnancy has reignited my sweet tooth?) ;)

Hummus Barcelona

1:00pm: Sunny lunch break today out on the terrace. We Glovo-ed in our favorite vegan seitan shawarma wraps today from Hummus Barcelona, which is a must-try for any of you locals. All of their food is amazing, but their freshly-baked ultra-fluffy homemade pita and za’atar hummus are HEAVEN.

Barclay Martin Eixample Terrace

1:15pm: My handsome lunch date. ♡  (Also, Fiona totally stole a piece of pita while I was snapping this photo, haha.)

Ali Martin in Barcelona Kitchen

1:45pm:  Back to work. This is the first time I’ve made a three-layer cake recipe for the blog in years, and I forgot how much I actually enjoy it! I kept this one simple with just a sprinkle of pecans as decoration. But still, it was fun to assemble.

Artificial Lighting Setup

2:15pm: We converted what used to be a hallway office in our new apartment into a little “studio” where I can take photos. I’m still trying to get the hang of artificial lighting (which has been a major adjustment after having shot with 100% natural light for over a decade, oof). But having the flexibility to shoot at any time of day or night has been an absolute game-changer.

Squinty terrace selfie

3:00pm: Speaking of game changers, we still can’t get over how amazing it is to finally have a terrace of our own here in Barcelona. Both Barclay and I regularly pop outside for little 5-minute recharge breaks throughout the day. And wow, even just a brief dose of sunshine and fresh air makes such a difference in my mood and energy levels. ♡  After having lived in an apartment without a terrace for the past three years, especially during Barcelona’s periods of quarantine, we’re well aware of what a rare blessing it is to have this sort of space in the city center. So we try to make the most of it every day!

Fresh pineapple

3:05pm: Hummingbird cake leftovers = snack time!


3:15pm: After messaging back and forth today with a seller on Wallapop (the Spanish version of Craigslist), looks like we found the crib we’ve been wanting to buy – yay! Some of our dear friends already lent us their bassinet, so I know it will probably be awhile before this crib gets put to use, but I’m excited to at least get some of the big pieces of our nursery ready to go before our little guy arrives. Looks like we’ll be able to pick up the crib tomorrow!

Inauguration on YouTube

4:30pm: Cue all of the goosebumps. ♡ Here we go.

Kamala Harris Inauguration

5:00pm: Had to watch on our “big tv” (this apartment came with a projector) once the inauguration ceremony officially began. I know that this has been a deeply emotional day for different people on different ends of the political spectrum. But whew, this moment in particular with all of its tremendous “firsts” was the one that made me cry. I’m so thankful that our son will grow up in a world where women are finally represented in the highest offices of the executive branch, and I look forward to seeing hopefully so many more women (especially women of color) from all political parties hold these offices in years to come.

DIY Sushi Night Setup

6:30pm: YouTube-ing Amanda Gorman videos while prepping for a (safely-distanced) sushi night here at home with two of our good friends. All of Barcelona’s restaurants are currently closed during dinnertime, so we set up little stations on separate ends of the kitchen island for each pareja to make their own batch of homemade maki rolls…which ended up being so fun!

Homemade sushi and egg drop soup

8:00pm: Also fun for me? Lol, not eating dinner at 9 or 10pm. ;)  Ever since Barcelona implemented a 10pm curfew (called a toque de queda in Spanish) a few months ago, the city’s late night culture has be forced to shift a bit earlier when it comes to evening hangs. So my friends jokingly now call it the toque de Ali, because they know how much this early bird is enjoying it!

Barcelona Nursery In Progress

10:00pm: I’ve been wrapping up my evenings lately by spending time in our soon-to-be-nursery, which has been making my heart so happy. Currently working on organizing all of the baby clothes (can’t get over how cute and teeny they are!) and baby gear that our friends have brought over, and dreaming of what life will be like in two months when our little guy arrives. ♡

Baby book

10:15pm: Btw, nothing tugs on my heartstrings more than reading some of the baby books that friends have given us. They are so sweet and make me so excited for the day when we’ll finally get to be in here rocking, snuggling, and reading to our little one. Can’t believe that day is almost here.

Eixample apartment at night

11:00pm: Finally calling it a night here in Barcelona with the poetry of Amanda Gorman still ringing through my head: “There is always light, if only we’re brave enough to see it. If only we’re brave enough to be it.”

May we all be brave enough. ♡

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  1. Wasn’t the inauguration amazing? Amanda Gorman’s words were such a gift! Good for you for getting your crib from Wallapop – we did the same for almost all of our baby stuff because Barcelona has everything you could ever need! Thanks for sharing your day :) (And I’m also loving Matt as the bachelor lol.)

  2. This is so lovely!

    • That book you are holding up looks soooo cute. What is it called? (Había una vez un bebé que nació en un lugar muy lejano)

  3. You are carrying that baby boy so beautifully, Ali! I hope the rest of your pregnancy is as comfortable and restful as possible. Can’t wait for that hummingbird cake recipe. Good luck with your maternity leave prep!

  4. Just awesome to get this update!! Excited to meet the little guy!!

  5. Loved this update! I’m drooling over the cake and your gorgeous apartment. You look absolutely beautiful and so happy! Can’t wait for the little guy’s arrival and introduction.

  6. Oooh, is that a Basque cheesecake that you’re editing??? Thank you for sharing your day, and what a spectacular day it was!! Many happy tears were shed in our house.

    • I love your recipes and posts all the time …

      My boys are now 29 and nearly 24 years old, but I can remember such a lot of heart beating situations during pregnancy, giving birth … on and on … motherhood never ends
      … but it’s wonderful

      ALL THE BEST ALI … for you and your little family

      best wishes from Germany … Erding


  7. Your new apartment is SO dreamy! Wowzers! It looks straight out of a magazine. Love these day in the life posts :)

  8. I really enjoyed this post. Your apartment is gorgeous and so are you. Wishing you continued health and much joy when the blessed day arrives.

  9. Lovely write up! You are simply glowing, and your home is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing :)

  10. Loved this post and your new apartment is just dreamy! Thx for sharing your life with us!

  11. Have been away from computer for months so just learned your happy news with a little son
    coming soon. Congratulations and so happy for you and hubby.

  12. You’re making me want to pack my things and move abroad! I’m currently 16 weeks along with my second and it’s so much fun to start to imagine the newborn stage (and the growing bump!) once again. Hope the rest of your pregnancy is comfortable and happy! :)

  13. Wonderful share. I just loaded up on mushrooms because we are getting our Carnitas on this weekend … thank you for that!

    Can I suggest putting your camera on timer? That way you’ll have three seconds to set your shot and then …….. look up and smile at us!

  14. Thanks for that little peek into your life. So glad things are going well for you. Hope you get some sleep?

  15. Thanks for sharing! Apartment looks amazing. So happy you are enjoying the baby prep.

  16. Hi Ali;

    I’m a Canadian Grandma and love your food!! I’m so happy for you and your husband………..being a parent is the best gig in the world. And then you get to be a Grandma one day, which is also very cool!! Believe it or not, I’m a fan of the Bachelor/Bachelorette and I also love Matt. I hope he can let himself fall in love. I was happy to see Sarah leave last week because she was a bit of a mess. Although, I think the whole “bulk dating” process is a bit daunting for anyone.

    Take care of yourself and stay safe!!

  17. Thank you for catching up and all the beautiful pictures. Do we have a name yet or did I miss it?


  18. Alison this post was amazing! What an amazing home you have. Makes my heart happy to see your bright smile!

  19. Thank you Ali for sharing this post of your current life in Barcelona!! I truly enjoyed reading it all, and the pictures of you, your hubby and your home are beautiful. All the best for you in the next few months and the safe arrival of your dear bebe’! How exciting! Take care!

  20. I love this day in the life. For you to be an expat its eye-opening to see what you experience and how you stay connected to the US yet still live in Barcelona.

  21. Thank you for this lovely post, and being brave enough to be the light. My heart sings!

  22. Your curry’s and naan recipes have become a staple in my house! So delicious and easy

  23. Thank you for this lovely post. So happy for you. Enjoy these times to the fullest!

  24. This was lovely! Your apartment and terrace are so beautiful and I loved reading about and seeing photos of your day!

  25. I so enjoyed seeing your day.
    Thank you!

  26. So happy everything is going well for you ! Enjoy your recipes so and the pictures from Barcelona. We have visited many times & love it there !

  27. Love the update and the gorgeous apartment and terrace! Love all the baby stuff! Amanda was incredible!

  28. Thank you for sharing, stunning apartment! Loved a window into your day.

  29. What a wonderful way to share your day. Love seeing Barcelona in action. I miss it terribly. Our favourite vacation destination. still looking forward our fourth trip.
    You are absolutely glowing. You radiate sunshine. I am so excited for you. You two will be a gift to your lil one.
    Enjoy , be safe and stay heart happy!

  30. Yesterday was an AMAZING day!! I laughed, I cried, and I CHEERED during the entire inauguration! Proud to be American; God bless America!!❤??
    Just have to point out how cute your baby bump is!!? Can’t wait to “meet” your little one! ???
    Looking forward to the hummingbird cake recipe! Yum!!?
    Hoping you can tell me where you got those pretty canisters?? I’ve been looking for some to fit my decor for forever!! Yours look like they just might be the ones! ?
    Happy new year!! ?

  31. What a beautiful email to all of us. Your new apartment is amazing! We’re all waiting patiently for that new little guy….what a day of celebration that will be. We’ll all be thinking of you in these last two months. Don’t be afraid to sit with your feet up and if you can sweet talk that cute husband of yours into a foot massage….all the better. Loved your words about the inauguration. Makes me proud and happy that you’re using your platform to “bravely” put it out there. One last word….your recipes have been a major part of my Covid support system. I’m doing a lot more cooking and freezing. I am grateful every day that you and Barclay are a part of my life albeit distant.
    Love to you both, Kaye

  32. Loved this post. Thanks for sharing your day! : )

  33. Thanks for the lovely post – I enjoyed seeing more of your space and your cute selves! And am continually impressed with your time management ???

  34. Dear Ali,
    Your apartment is stunning! Thank you for sharing it and your day with us. You are also stunning.

  35. So happy your pregnancy is progressing well and you and Barclay are settled in your fabulous new apartment! So happy for you two!
    Thank you for sharing your day with us!

  36. I am so excited for you! Also ignore anyone who tells you to “sleep while you can” — the last few weeks of pregnancy were so uncomfortable and exciting, it was so hard to sleep!!

  37. What a lovely post you shared today. Thank you. Enjoy these next few weeks & congratulations on your new bundle of joy!

  38. Love watching tour journey in Barcelona and now with baby-to be! That apartment is so gorgeous and cozy. Any chance of a virtual tour?

    Best wishes in 2021?

  39. Loved hearing about your special day!

  40. Not sure if Facebook groups in Barcelona have Buy Nothing, but it’s a great resource to share and get what you need – and it is all free. No trades, no money. Feels great giving items to share with others and being able to ask for something when you need it.
    So excited for you and Barclay and for your upcoming arrival of your little guy. Boys are the best!
    Agreed Amanda Gorman – spectacular! What a beautiful young woman. Excited to see where God leads her.

  41. I have been following your site for well over a year. I’m so disappointed that you brought Politics into your update. Very, sorry indeed. It was completely unnecceary.

    • Was this post political? Or was it a woman supporting other strong, intelligent women? Aren’t we supposed to acknowledge and encourage each other? I am indeed disappointed in your comment.

    • This comment is what was unnecessary, Jen. Don’t bring negativity to this positive space.

  42. Blessings to you and your little one… I know your mom and dad must be so excited!! I worked with your mom in the Crosstitch industry for many many years! Love following your blog.
    Barbara Dvorak
    Orland Park Illinois

  43. Absolutely lovely post! Muchas gracias for sharing your day, your joy and your thoughts of gratitude! I especially loved the Amanda Gorman quote!

  44. So nice to see this update! Your new flat looks amazing! The inauguration was wonderful, I loved Amanda Gorman’s poem and got teary eyed seeing a woman of color sworn in as our new Vice President. It’s so good to see this finally and that children will grow up seeing this as normal! It’s about time!

  45. Thank you for sharing your day. Ending with Amanda Gorman was a big Bonus. ?

  46. Beautifully written post, beautiful apartment and Sweet Beautiful You!
    I love your recipes and all your posts, sometimes it makes me feel like I’m in Barcelona!

  47. I love this day in the life post so much! I have been reading your blog since way before you even met Barclay, and to see you radiating so much joy makes my heart happy. Your new apartment is gorgeous, your baby bump is adorable, and your hummingbird cake looks delish! I shed many tears of happiness yesterday watching Kamala get sworn into office and hearing Amanda Gorman’s words. They brought goosebumps as I read them again. Thank you, Ali, for being brave enough to share yourself with us.❤️

  48. This is great. My husband and I had our honeymoon in Spain which included several days in Barcelona. Love that city so much!!! Thanks for sharing your world. Sweet!

  49. What a wonderful post. Enjoy your next couple of months and know that the best is yet to come when that little one arrives. You will never experience love like that again.

  50. I love your recipes. So often they are exactly what I love with so few ingredients. This week I cooked up your Sweet Potato Chickpea Coconut Curry and shared it with my 33 year old daughter and the chef I cook with . I also love your photos and sweet blog. I’m so happy you are expecting a baby son soon. Congratulations! But today you mentioned drinking coffee each morning and alarm bells went off. I hope it’s decaf coffee. I was 39 when I had my daughter and I gave up all caffeine as my mother had 4 full term stillborn because she drank a lot of coffee. They didn’t know then that the coffee stays in the baby’s bloodstream for 40 hours .
    Much love,