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Europe 2012: Savona

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Our fourth stop with the Costa Pacifica was the small town of Savona. Clearly, it was a bit of a cloudy day. And everyone seemed a little tired after Rome, so we chose to stay near the ship and just explore the town right next to the port. (Can you spot our ship in the photo? We didn’t have to walk too far!)  The visit was lovely, and then as you will see, our day even ended with a bit of magic.

After disembarking, we spent the morning wandering around all of the cute shops in small town. (Sorry for the lack of pictures – I spaced off taking photos in the morning!)

Then we decided to explore the Archaeological Museum. Located right on the sea, it is the only building that survived the Genoan destruction, and gives insights into the social/economic life there during the early Middle Ages.

We were there on a Sunday, so it was especially calm and quiet.

A glimpse of the city from the fortress.

We ended up coming back for lunch on the ship that day, which is also a 6-course option anytime the guests would like.

I loved that there was always a pasta course for lunch and dinner.

Fancy desserts.

And when I’m in Europe, I always make it a point to eat ice cream at least once a day. ;)

We also had a great dinner that evening, and Heather was crowned the napkin queen!

Then we all went to that evening’s show, which was mysteriously titled “Magic”.

Craziness, I tell you! I have watched different “illusionists” on tv before, but never like this in person. And the magician was a talented woman this time, fluent in 5+ languages and also a pro at slipping out of a straightjacket over a bed of nails. Very impressive.

This concludes the Italy portion of our trip. Next up…France!

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3 comments on “Europe 2012: Savona”

  1. Oh my goodness. You are having the best time! Such great photos! :)

  2. Don’t leave me hanging like that re: France!!