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January In Photos

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January In Photos |

I can hardly believe that the first month of 2013 has already come and gone! What a month it has been.

From the coasts of Europe, to settling back into the heart of the Midwest. From record 74-degree January days to freezing subzero temps (within a 3-day timespan, of course). From hours working my tail off to completely getting lost in great downtime with friends. And of course, from missing my pup across the ocean to finally being able to cuddle up close each day. What a month!!!

One of my goals is to remember and document my life in photos a little better this year. So having been inspired by my good friend Cassie, I bring you the first installment of my year in photos via Instagram. Here is January!

January In Photos |

Adventures in trying to eat “raw” for a week. Felt great, but I was grateful to return to the land of warm foods and my beloved roasted veggies.

January In Photos |

Baby showers, an addition to homemade caramel corn, the return of Downton, my “croissant-ing” snuggly pup, the joys of quarterly taxes, reunited with my KitchenAid, homemade chai, bathroom stool magic, and settling back in at Quay.

January In Photos |

My spontaneous trip to Minneapolis with Sarah! Grateful for long chats in the car, getting to stay with her sweet cousin downtown, adventures in trying to cram way too much stuff into a friend’s borrowed truck, and then of course — spending 10 hours trying to assemble a zillion shelves. I think it made us all the more excited to finally have an IKEA opening in KC in 2014!

January In Photos |

My favorite salsa, cheering on Adam as he gave the sermon at the Inauguration, margaritas and conversations about Twitter and heaven with Bet, magic rice krispies, tears tears tears with the Parenthood season finale, more Quay, downtown beauty, crafting with sprinkles, my favorite pup.

January In Photos |

It was a busy month diving back into the world of blogging! (Come find me on Vine!!!)
January In Photos |

And finally, on the last day of the month, I bid farewell to my favorite nextdoor neighbor as she and Paul packed up and moved out of town. I can’t even describe what a deep blessing Cassie has been to me this past year as I went through my own life transition, left my job and moved downtown (and completely coincidentally — in the loft across the street from them!). From glasses of wine in our lofts, to trips to the City Market, to walks downtown, and all of the wonderful conversations throughout, I am so grateful for the time I’ve been able to share with this girl. So thankful to call her a friend. And I praise the Lord alongside her for some amazing long-awaited answers to prayers with this move. Can’t wait to see what great things are ahead for them in their new home! Time to plan a road trip to go visit. ;)

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2 comments on “January In Photos”

  1. ooh. i’m going to love seeing these posts each month. :) that picture of henry sitting so proudly in front of all those shelves made me grin. can’t wait to see the final set-up!

  2. This just made me tear up. You are so amazing! We just got our internet hooked up and I pulled up your “currently” post then jumped to this one. I am going to miss you terribly!