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I finally did it.

After years of being a hardcopy book snob, convinced that no technology would (or should!) ever separate me from my beloved books, I finally caved and just bought a Kindle Fire. And I have to admit…

…it’s kind of ridiculously cool.

As a bit of background, I come from a very Kindle-happy family. My dad actually helped develop and pitch an e-reader back in the 80’s as a startup, and ever since then, he has followed the rise of the Kindles, Nooks, and iPads religiously. Even my mom, who has claimed for years that she is anti-technology, was an early Kindle adopter and reads from hers every day. So when I took off for Europe last month with a tiny carry-on suitcase with zero room for any books, I relented and took along one of my dad’s (five) Kindles. Granted, it was the first generation model, so it didn’t have any fancy features beyond reading books. But apparently that alone was enough to finally hook me.

There’s no way around it. These things are so flipping convenient.

I love that it fits in my purse. I love that it is easy to hold one-handed while reading in bed. I love that it lets me highlight and look up definitions as I read. But more than anything, I love that it lets me share books. My parents are both extremely avid readers, so when I joined their account, we automatically have access to one another’s libraries.


That said, I know that I’m about 5 years late to the e-reading scene, and am a total newbie when it comes to anything besides downloading books. So would happily welcome any Kindle advice or tips that you might have!

Still, as cool as this is, my heart will forever be with hardcopy books, and the feel, the smell, the beauty and the comfort of holding an old-fashioned book in my hands. But I will admit, I really love my Kindle. :) 

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7 comments on “kindle”

  1. man. i couldn’t do it. before the same trip i bought one and returned it! :) i think i’ll just wait until i can afford an ipad mini. i don’t know. something about it still seemed so foreign to me, which felt so wrong as books are one of the most familiar things in my world. maybe you can introduce it to me slowly. ;)

    i am definitely in FULL agreement that my heart is with hardcopy books. :)

  2. My mom gave me a kindle fire for the holidays in 2011, and I am hooked! You may want to check out: it’s a website that posts free kindle (and occasionally nook) books daily. It is completely takes you right to amazon to download the book.

  3. Ah…the parental wisdom!

  4. I’m with you! I love my kindle. Especially for reading long, heavy books…like our upcoming book club read: The Instructions. I still love paper and ink, I’m just collecting them slower and more deliberately now.

  5. I have an ipad mini and have been debating using it for reading… I just love the real books so much! But it would be handy for sure!

  6. I don’t know if I can get excited about this… Electronic books can’t yellow over time. They’ll also never have that wonderful musty smell.