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Labor Day Weekending

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Labor Day Weekending |

I hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend — free of laboring, and full of fun!

Mine ended up being a full and wonderful weekend. And with the exception of a few hours spent on a freelancing project that I forgot about (oops), it was blissfully free from work and time with my computer screen. And it was awesome.

There’s something about having real time off that always reminds me how much I need it. I know in my head that it’s good for me, and that we were created for Sabbath and rest and downtime and all of those good things. But friends, I have come to realize that I am a pro — a pro — at just “squeezing in” extra minutes or hours on work on my days off. I justify it saying that I’m just “checking in” on my phone throughout the day, or photographing a quick recipe, or catching up on social media here and there. But this weekend reminded me how absolutely energizing and inspiring it is to go screen-free. And how much fun it is to have an entire day (or two…or three…) that is genuinely labor-free.

I’m becoming more and more a fan of this holiday.

Anyway, here are a few highlights from my weekend. Wishing you all a great week ahead!

Labor Day Weekending |

Kicked off the weekend with a surprise gift from The Skinny Cow — three amazing, hardworking, wonderful women from a home cleaning service came to make my loft all sparkly! I was beyond grateful.

Labor Day Weekending |

Celebrated these two sisters on Friday night — Cammie and her successful defense of her master’s thesis and upcoming move to China, and Katie and her upcoming move to dance in NYC!

Labor Day Weekending |

Loved the coincidence that they also made a bunch of syrups for delicious DIY cocktails, which they then brought the leftovers to my party the next night for double the fun.

Labor Day Weekending |

Spent a lazy Saturday morning wandering around the City Market — my favorite place to be on a Saturday, and the reason I moved to the River Market.

Labor Day Weekending |

Came home with some pretty pink flowers, an overflowing bag of fresh produce, and a very heavy watermelon.

Labor Day Weekending |

Whipped up some more simple syrups for the party (jalapeno, ginger and hibiscus).

Labor Day Weekending |

Had the privilege of singing at the wedding of these two special friends, whose touching love story had the entire congregation in tears and smiling from ear to ear.

Labor Day Weekending |

Spent a wonderful evening making more DIY mocktails/cocktails with friends, talking well into the night about everything from puppy chow to Lake Titicaca to theology, and loving these dear friends all the more.

Labor Day Weekending |

Started a new series at church the next morning on (dum dum dum) REVELATION!

A few words on this one…

I think everyone in the congregation was more than a little apprehensive about diving into a book that is by nature so interpretive, and has produced quite a bit of theological baggage in people’s lives. But oh my goodness, the sermon was so thoughtful and freeing and good, and made me all the more excited about what’s to come in this series. In summary, it all revolved around this quote…

“I do not read the Revelation to get additional information about the life of faith in Christ. I have read it all before in law and prophet, in gospel and epistle. Everything in Revelation can be found in the previous sixty-five books of the Bible. The Revelation adds nothing of substance to what we already know. The truth of the gospel is already complete, revealed in Jesus Christ. There is nothing new to say on the subject. But there is a new way to say it. I read the Revelation not to get more information but to revive my imagination.” -Eugene Peterson……(sculpture, “Book with Wings” by Anselm Kiefer)

Labor Day Weekending |

Spent the afternoon with my favorite blueberry iced tea at Quay to catch up on an assignment that I forgot about (oops).

Celebrated two beautiful friends and their beautiful anniversary on their beautiful rooftop overlooking the city.

Labor Day Weekending |

Went for a long Labor Day morning walk along the river to soak up those beautiful blue skies.

Labor Day Weekending |

We both worked up a sweat. :)

afterlight (3)

Made a little impulse buy in the $4.99 jewelry section at World Market that afternoon. (Gets me every time!)

Spent the final evening of the weekend out on the patio at Spin Pizza with my good friend, Amy, followed by The Spectacular Now.

A good weekend.

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3 comments on “Labor Day Weekending”

  1. well done. :) i enjoyed part of all that with you. but yesterday, i was blissfully alone watching Elementary. :)

  2. So that looks like a pretty awesome Labor day weekend holiday! I unplugged for most of Sunday and Yesterday and boy was it nice! Loved all of the photos!

  3. I was unplugged for 5 days and I agree – it was absolutely glorious!!! It’s sad that I had to cross the country to do it but like you said, it’s always tempting to squeeze in one more thing. Cheers to labor free weekends!