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Meet Milo!

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Hello hello! Just wanted to pop in with a cute little life update. ♡

I’m delighted to share that our sweet son, Milo Alexander Martin, came to join our family this Valentine’s and we could not be more in love. After another long road to reach this point, we feel deeply aware of how fortunate we are — how many tiny miracles had to come together — to have him here with us. Currently soaking up all the snuggles and showering him with a million kisses each day because, as we’ve learned, this all just goes too fast.

I can’t wait to show you the world, beautiful boy.

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  1. Congratulations! What a sweetie pie. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful glimpse of life with us.

  2. Congratulations and welcome Milo!

  3. Congratulations! Very, very happy for you. :)

    • I just came across your page trying to find a good fava recipe similar to the one at the real Greek restaurants (I’m obsessed!), this was a lovely little surprise, he’s absolutely gorgeous (I just had one myself in December, it’s the best thing ever watching them grow and become smarter there are so many little milestones) Congratulations and welcome to the world Milo!

  4. Felicidades! Que gusto! Estaba rezando por ti y tu familia que tuvieran suerte!!! Milo esta hermoso!

  5. Wow! How very exciting! He is truly adorable. Wishing you all many blessings! :)

    • Wow what a sweet little face he has, congratulations!! Good job Mom and Dad He’s adorable lol! Enjoy this time because it goes way too fast

  6. Congratulations

  7. Congratulations on your beautiful new baby boy .

  8. ohhh congratulations to you guys and welcome baby milo <3<3<3

  9. Just want to say that I melted when I saw this sweet angel. What a beautiful baby, I wish you the very best.

  10. Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy and thanks for sharing him with us! Also, thank you for your wonderful recipes!!

  11. Congratulations! What a blessing!

  12. How fabulous! Many blessings to you and your family. Welcome Milo!

  13. he is cute!! Does he have any siblings?

  14. Congratulations and what a blessing. Thank you for sharing with us. Our three sons are so big already and it really does go way too fast.

  15. so, so happy for you! i have used so many of your recipes over the years and am so thankful for your content. also thankful that your dream of adding to your family has been realized!

  16. Another beautiful baby for your family; welcome Milo!

  17. Thank you for your wonderful food and your honest and transparent writing skills. You are so brave and courageous, and I celebrate the birth of your sweet little boy with you. May God continue to bless your beautiful family as you navigate life and stay positive through the inevitable ups and downs.

  18. Congratulations!! He is adorable!!!

  19. Precious boy! Such a darling name, Milo. So fab. Congratulations. 🎉

  20. Awww how precious! Gongratulations!

  21. Congratulations Ali! He’s so perfect and wishing all of you good health and a wonderful time getting to know each other.

    And thank you for sharing your fertility journey. I went through 2 rounds of IVF last year and reading your story made me feel less alone.

  22. I’m s very excited for you and your husband to share this gorgeous baby boy! My children are both in their 40’s which is crazy unfathomable! It goes so fast. Don’t blink Mommy and Daddy! A lesson I learned too late, is that dusting and dishes will wait but babies grow up while I was doing those things. Both of my daughters grew up without emotional scars cuz I did dishes while they played, and they’re both strong successful women. God bless you and your beautiful family!

  23. What a sweetie! I could just hug him! Keep on sharing these precious pictures!

  24. He is so adorable and precious💕Congratulations !!

  25. Lovely news! Happy Baby!

  26. Congratulations! He’s beautiful! ❤

  27. I love your recipes and Milo is the cutest!

  28. Congratulations and Welcome perfect baby boy Milo!
    Don’t grow up too fast, savor every day.

  29. What a sweet valentine! Congratulations on your new addition. Wishing you, Barclay and Teo all the best.

  30. Congratulations!! I am SO HAPPY for you and your family.

  31. Wishing you and your family much love, peace and good health with your bundle of joy. He is so precious! Welcome to being very loved Milo!


  32. What a beautiful baby! How lucky you are !! J & B
    I am happy for you that I am weary! J

  33. What a beautiful baby boy! I’m sure his big brother is excited!💖💖

  34. Congratulations Ali and family!! What a beautiful blessing!!

  35. Happy for you!! What a love!!

  36. Congratulations. What a cutie pie. Thank you for sharing a glimpse into your life!

  37. Congratulations Ally! He’s adorable 😍

  38. Blessings, Ali!! You and Barclay are not ones to take things for granted, and holding your prayers in your arms . . . sheer gratitude. Milo and Teo . . . the dynamic duo!
    It was hard to leave Barcelona, but I know you have made a family nest again in KC.
    Be well,
    Mary S.

  39. Congrats! I’m so happy for you!
    also, i miss your posts:) i loved how often they were, and they made me smile.
    come back!! lol;)

  40. Congratulations on the birth of Milo! ❤️🎏🍀👼🧸👼🧸👼🍀 🎏 ❤️ ‼️ He sounds like a wonderful child and looks like a little Cherub. You’ve had a busy year, coming back to the States, and settling in ❤️🏡 ❤️ here, to be near your family. If you will be reestablishing your blog, now, it will be a welcome regular site in my email. Welcome back. Welcome back! ❤️🙃❤️‼️

  41. Awwww! Happiest congratulations to you and your family. Welcome to the world, Milo! ;)

  42. I’m so excited you’re in KCMO! We’re new here, it’s an amazing city!

  43. He is beautiful! Congratulations!