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Meet Teo!

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Baby Teo

Hi friends! Just wanted to pop in briefly from maternity leave to share an update today, because there’s someone very special I’d love for you to meet…

…our sweet Teo!

Our son, Teo (pronounced the Spanish way, “tay-oh”) Elliott Martin, was born on March 16. And for those of you who have been following our story, I’m thankful to report that the epidural that we had been praying might work despite my back issues (I shared a bit about this in my last post) mercifully took hold on the very first try, which meant that both Barclay and I were able to be there together to hear Teo’s first precious cries and welcome him into the world. Goodness…what a moment.⁣⁣ ♡

After so many ups and downs this pregnancy, we’re still in awe that our little boy is finally here. He’s perfect and healthy and super-snuggly and outrageously cute…and we feel like the luckiest parents in the world. Truly can’t believe how much we love him and how sweet and natural life together as a family of three already feels. We spend a record amount of time each day just staring at him and soaking up his sweet newborn cuddles and showering his yummy cheeks with a million kisses. And we are loving this opportunity to finally learn how to be parents — even sleep-deprived, sore-in-all-the-places (hellooo, postpartum), often-hilariously-trial-and-erroring-our-way-through-each-new-day and all. This tiny little human has captured our hearts in the biggest of ways, and we are just so happy that he’s ours.

Anyway, I can’t wait to share more updates with you once I’m back from maternity leave. But in the meantime, feel free as always to follow along on Instagram for more behind the scenes updates from our lil’ newborn bubble over here. And thank you again for all of the love and prayers and encouragement you’ve been sending our way these past few weeks especially. We feel it and are sending you back so much love from Barcelona today.

Here are a few pics from these first few weeks together with Teo as a family of three! ♡

Barclay and Ali Martin at Hospital Teknon in Barcelona

Meeting our precious boy for the very first time.

Barclay, Teo and Ali Martin

Finally a family of three. ♡♡♡

Barclay Martin and Teo

My heart can hardly take seeing these two together. My boys! :)

Ali Martin and Son Teo

Morning snuggles are our favorites.

Baby Teo Martin

Is there anything cuter than baby yawns?! We’re obsessed.

Teo Meeting The Pups

Meeting the pups for the very first time. We carefully introduced them and they’re getting along great! Although tbh, they mainly just ignore him 99% of the time. ;)

Our Sweet Teo

Alright, I’m logging off to get back to gazing into these big blue eyes. :) Thanks for reading, everyone! xoxo

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362 comments on “Meet Teo!”

  1. What a wonderful family. Many years of enjoyment and love ahead.

  2. He is adorable and so precious!! Congratulations!! I’m so happy for you!! I especially love the last picture! What big eyes you have Teo!!

  3. Oh my gosh! He’s just amazingly precious!! Enjoy every second. So glad everyone is healthy!


  4. Adorable! May his life be always blessed. Congratulations to the happy parents.

  5. Congratulations! Health, love and happiness to you and your beautiful family. Thanks for sharing with your fans!

  6. Congratulations, Ali and Barclay!! Teo is beautiful with a capital B! God has angles watching over the Martin family. : ) Thank you for sharing your journey. Be safe and happy!!

  7. So many congratulations to your sweet family!! Welcome to the world, Teo!

  8. Such a little beauty ! So very happy for all of you!

  9. So precious! Congratulations!

  10. Your little angel is beautiful… happy for you.

    • Congratulations. Sending many blessings your way. Y’all are absolutely perfect together. I am so glad everything has been okay throughout your entire journey, that he is healthy and so are you mama. Enjoy every moment, and remember everything is a phase! ??

  11. PRECIOUS! God Is SO Good!

  12. He is *adorable*!! Congratulations to you and Barclay and wishing you such a happy time together in these early days. You’re so generous to share these pictures with us! ^_^ <3

  13. Congratulations. He is realy a blessing.

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  18. Congratulations ! God bless him. He is adorable , and you both look great .

  19. Teo is precious and sooo sweet! When will you invent a delicious dessert with his name?Like( Teo misu). Congratulations to you both!

  20. Congratulations. Teo is beautiful. Take your time and enjoy every minute.

  21. He is an adorable little baby. God bless him and you guys. Congratulations

  22. Congratulations. I really am happy for you.

  23. He is sooo precious and cute! Congrats to you all!!

  24. May God bless you all every day of your lives. Beautiful family!

  25. Congratulations Ali and Barclay!! Teo is beautiful and perfect! Many blessings to your precious family!

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  27. What a precious baby. Warm congrats from a loyal 76 year old follower. Happy Days loving on this precious gift from God.

  28. Congratulations on the new addition to your family. Wishing joy and health to all.

  29. He’s beautiful!! Like your amazing recipes, you’ve cooked up perfection ? Wishing you and your family all good things!

  30. Overjoyed for you and your family! Savor every moment. Thanks for the peek, and by the looks of that side-eye, it’s time to get back to mommy-ing. Much love and blessings to you all.

  31. He’s beautiful! Congratulations! I’m so happy for you!

  32. He’s just adorable! And I can tell he’s everything you ever dreamed he’d be!♥️ Congratulations!

  33. Your precious babe is beautiful! Hold on tight, mama and papa, because these years are fleeting and will literally fly right by, in an absolute blink!
    Have SO much fun!

  34. He is adorable! Felicitaciones!!!

  35. Perfectly Beautiful!!!

  36. Thank you for sharing your most private and precious photos! Your baby is just perfect – ball all babies are. So glad things are working so good for your family during the pandemic. Love and prayers for a long and healthy life to all! PS my two favorite photos are the little guy hugging mom and dad holding him. Beautiful!

  37. He is so perfect!! Congrats!

  38. Congratulations!! He is just so precious.

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  40. Adorable, huge congratulations to you both!

  41. Whenever you talk about your pregnancy journey, your struggles and now your happiness and motherhood, it always make me teary eyed. You owe me for the emotional roller coaster you caused me (lol). I am a big fan of yours and your blog and your family . I am wishing you always the best.

  42. Ali, Barclay and Teo! So much love to you. Seeing you three warms my heart and gladdens my spirit. You all look so contented, and full of wonder. (Including the dogs!) Ali – As you hold your son close, you look like you swallowed the stars – such a radiant glow. The picture of Barclay and Teo – a precious moment, captured. You will go back to those moments every time you look at your pictures. Cherish every moment, for indeed you are blessed. Beautiful Babe…
    “May the sun bring you new energy by day; may the moon softly restore you by night. May the rain wash away your worries; may the breeze blow new strength into your being. May you walk gently through the world and know its beauty all the days of your life.”

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