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Open Windows

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I have officially added something to the list of my favorite things on earth: open windows.

The weather has been up and down here since the calendar officially welcomed in Spring. But through those past few weeks, even tonight’s glorious thunderstorm, my windows have remained open. Sometimes cracked, sometimes flung wide. Sometimes letting in a few bugs that make me squeal, sometimes raindrops that plink plank on the sill like a symphony. But always opening up my little home to the sounds, smells, breezes, sunlight, and beautiful views of the world around.

Henry seems to love the open windows as much as I do, camping out in the traveling sun beams during the day, and sniffing the strong breezes when they startle him out of one of his million naps. I’ve taken my cues from him and moved my “desk” table over by the windows to soak up the sunshine and enjoy the neighborhood watch. And again and again, I find it amazing how that simple act of finally being able to open up the home makes everything feel so much more refreshed and connected and alive. Makes me feel so much more refreshed and connected and alive.

Soaking. It. Up.

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4 comments on “Open Windows”

  1. Love it. There’s nothing like it — we’ve been able to open our windows up in the evenings lately, too, and it just feels like you’re part of the world! :) Miss you, friend.

  2. We love open windows also. Don’t you just love KC yoyo spring weather. I’m never sure how to dress the kids or myself.

    Do the loft windows have screens? I always wondered. Since you mentioned a bug or 2 coming in a thought maybe not. I killed a wasp the other day. It came in when I was letting the dogs in from being out back. A Wasp in April not a good sign, thinking Missouri is in for a buggy spring and summer

  3. We can’t have open windows in our house because my husband has horrible allergies. I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I read this post!

  4. You are 100 percent right — open windows are the best!