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What It Is: 

An unassumingly, no-frills, delicious little seafood spot nestled in a quiet neighborhood in Gràcia.

Where It’s Located:

Gràcia | Google Map

Why We Love It: 

Self-described as a “carefree” seafood restaurant, Lluritu focuses on high quality flavors and ingredients without a lot of fuss.

Menu Recommendations:

  • Dried octopus (polp sec)– fantastic flavor and a staple of Catalan-influenced Mediterranean fare
  • Zamburiñas (bay scallops) – pan-seared on the half shell and crazy delicious
  • Shrimp (gambetes) – full of great flavor
  • Oysters (ostres) – when they’re fresh, we’re big fans :)

Other Tips:

  • Lluritu focuses on quality, and we loved just about everything we tried. Just note that it is tapas style, so the portions are quite small and the bill can quickly add up. If you really love shellfish, though, it’s worth it!
  • Reservations are recommended, though we were able to get a table for an hour and a half before the dinner rush by going early.
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WebsiteInstagram | Facebook | t: +34 938 55 38 66

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