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Maccaroni pasta | Gimme Some Barcelona Travel Guide


What It Is: 

Casual, quick, affordable Italian pasta restaurant in El Born.

Where It’s Located:

El Born | Google Map

Why We Love It: 

Ha, as you can see by the photo (not a great one, sorry!), we often swing by this place for dinner after Spanish class. And oh man, we love it.  The place itself is just a casual spot where you mix and match your order (choose a pasta + a sauce + toppings). But every single pasta we’ve tried there has been amazingly good. And their house wines are always spot on. All in all, a great (and affordable) place to stop if you need a break from tapas and love good, simple pasta.

Menu Recommendations:

  • I’m obsessed with their carbonara (although look out, it’s super salty).
  • Barclay really loves their taggiasca.

Other Tips:

  • Be sure and ask about their pasta special of the day — we’ve loved many that we have sampled.
  • Also, their house wines are always surprisingly good (and usually just €2.50/glass).
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Website | Facebook | TripAdvisor | Yelp | t: +34 933 19 96 19

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