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San Pedrito mediodía menu

Mediodía: The Best Lunch Specials In Barcelona

One of our best tips for eating around Barcelona (and saving money!) is to make the most of the mediodía menus offered at various restaurants around the city. Served during the standard lunch times (roughly 12:00pm – 3:00), these lunch menus are a fantastic way to sample multiple courses for a reasonable price. And they are usually totally delicious!

What It Includes:

  • Choice of starter
  • Main course
  • Drink (water, soft drink, caña – small beer, or glass of house wine)
  • Coffee or dessert

How Much It Costs:

  • Most mediodías range from around €10-€15 per person
  • Some high-end restaurants will offer mediodías. While they’re often more expensive, it usually won’t be as expensive as ordering off the menu for dinner. (Pro tip: this is an affordable way to try out some of the higher-end places on your list!)
  • Like the lunch specials that you know from home, you’ll be able to try a few different dishes at a friendly price.

Why We Love Mediodías For Lunch:

  • Mediodías are generally only offered during the week – a perk of being on vacation!
  • Occasionally they are not advertised at restaurants, so be sure to ask if you don’t see a mediodía sign or menu clearly displayed. That said, many restaurants do not offer them.
  • Though service is generally included, consider adding a bit extra in cash to your bill if you loved the experience. Even 5% shows that you care.

Some of Our Favorite Mediodías:

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