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my favorite farmers market ~ part one

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I’m madly in love with my local farmer’s market. Well, actually, Kansas City has numerous farmers’ markets to choose from. But my longtime favorite is called the “City Market”. Located in Downtown Kansas City in our historic River Market, it is pretty much a foodie’s heaven. Tons of local farmers bring their goodies to share — from endless varieties of seasonal produce, to plants and herbs, to cheese, to grass-fed meats, to soaps, to pollen and honey, to fresh pastas, and on and (wonderfully) on. And of course, it is always so inspiring and fascinating to hear each of their stories about how everything is grown and prepared. These people work hard, and are passionate about what they share with our city.

But if the farmers aren’t incredible enough, the perimeter of the market that surrounds these booths includes some of the city’s best ethnic markets, local stores, and restaurants. From the Italian market (incredible prosciutto and fresh mozzarella), to the various Middle Easter markets ($1 spice scoops, fresh pita and naan, and my favorite baklavah), to my favorite local places for pizza (Minsky’s) and pork fried rice (Bo Ling’s) and breakfast (The Farm House) and cupcakes (BabyCakes), and on and on….this market is incredible.

And that’s only skimming the surface. :)

Basically, we are lucky ducks here in KC. If you ever pass through the city, I highly recommend you come spend a Saturday morning here. It is hands-down my favorite way to begin the weekend. So thought I would take the opportunity this weekend to share with you some glimpses of the autumn bounty…

What do you love best about your local farmer’s market??

Millions of peaches. Peaches for me. :)

Carb heaven. Made by the kindest Mennonite families I know.

You say potato…

A buzzzzzzillion pollen seeds!

Fresh. And endlessly beautiful.

Did I mention that the prices on everything rock?!?!?

An apple a day…

They also have endless samples of everything…especially these gorgeous tomatoes!

Going green.

Mum’s the word!

Perfection. :)

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14 comments on “my favorite farmers market ~ part one”

  1. I totally miss the CM! We’re in PV now and we go to the DTOPFM.

    OH, I should use actual words. Downtown Overland Park Farmer’s Market. I do love it, but I suuure do miss the CM!

    Amazing photos, too!

    • Aw, I love the OP market too, Bev! So many adorable families. And Penzey’s RIGHT nextdoor…mmmm. :)

      We must be neighbors!! I’m staying in PV with some friends for a few months while I search for my next house to buy. Love, love, love this area!!


  2. I moved to Oklahoma recently and visited Kansas City for Labor Day weekend (for the first time). City Market was on my list of “must do’s”, I LOVE farmers markets. Well, I had no idea what to expect. Sure, I read about it online, but I didn’t want to get too excited like I usually do about things like this. When we arrived on Saturday morning….I WAS IN HEAVEN. I wandered around numerous times looking and touching everything! Never thinking I would be interested in living in the middle of the country, I said (outloud) numerous times how I would move to KC just FOR this market!

    Everything was amazing. The quantities were only surpassed by the quality of goods, and the prices were amazing. $2 for a HUGE bowl of tomatoes? $1 for a large scoop of practically any spice you could want.

    I wanted to buy everything, but only having a small cooler with us for the weekend, I had to pick something that would last without getting funky. (No beautiful leafy greens or delicate fruits) I picked up some delicious sausage and flat breads and called it a day. I really tried hard not to get out of hand, but if I lived nearby, I think I would practically live at this market.

    Man, I love markets like this (and the Ferry Market Building in SF)…but I suppose my little one here in OK will have to do.

    Is 5 hours too far to travel just for a farmers market????

    • That’s so fun that you were up here, Kacey!!! You pretty much EXACTLY described my first experience there. Foodie heaven. :)


  3. We should have a Saturday meetup there! So tell me…whatbwould one use bee pollen seeds for? Curiosity is peaked!

    • Kristen — would LOVE to meet up there some Saturday! That would be fun!

      And I’ve heard that bee pollen is totally a super-food. All sorts of amazing health benefits. I’ve had friends pop it in their smoothies, yogurt, cereal, oatmeal, etc. I think it also comes in capsules too.


  4. I’m so jealous – yum, yum!

  5. I miss City Market! Pretty photos!!

  6. I love my local farmers market! My favorite thing is meeting all the farmers and hearing their ideas on how to best use the products they offer.

  7. If Seattle farmer’s markets had prices like that I would never buy produce at a grocery store! Sadly, even the high-end grocery stores are often cheaper than the farmer’s markets. Still, at the Seattle Tilth Harvest Fair (sort of half fair, half farmer’s market), there were goats and baby chicks to pet, plus a gourmet ice cream truck.

  8. Farmers markets are fun. I go there regularly so I have already built up good relationships with many vendors. It is great when you get a deal without even having to ask for it!

  9. What a great farmers market we dont have places that great in NYC :(

  10. How have I missed all this time the fact that you are in Kansas City too?! So…hi!

    I like the spice merchant at City Market too…and Pieroguy’s. Usually I go to the one in downtown OP, though. It’s by Penzeys if I want spices and it’s closer to where I live.