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Kansas City Live!

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Kansas City Live |

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Oh my goodness, friends. I JUST DID MY FIRST LIVE COOKING SEGMENT!!!

I think it may take another day for the adrenaline and nerves to calm down. But the video on Kansas City Live‘s site is already up, so thought I would share it with you here (and point you to the recipe for the yummy Avocado Pesto Pasta that we made).

The whole morning was definitely a learning experience, especially when it came to nerves! I literally used to stand up in front of a few thousand people each weekend to sing in my last job, and very rarely got nervous. But today I was literally shaking in my boots (ok, cute sandals) as I was getting ready amongst the bustling set, guests, lights, teleprompters and more. Thankfully the co-host, Michael, who did the segment was a total foodie and was stoked about the avocado pesto (and the “scrimps”), and he helped this rookie through the experience. I still forgot most everything that I had planned to say, and also managed to forget to remove the skin from one avocado before tossing it in the food processor (eek!!), and think I poured about twice as much oil into the avocado pesto as the recipe says.

But still, it was so much fun!!!

Huge thanks to Kansas City Live for the opportunity to come on, and to all of my wonderful friends for their cheers and encouragement. Now, go grab some avocados and make this Avocado Pesto Pasta with me! :)

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22 comments on “Kansas City Live!”

  1. Yay!!!!! You’re a natural. Its not about avoiding mistakes, but all about how you cope with them on air…and you rocked it :)

    Note to self: By more avocados :)

  2. Awww, I love this :) You did such a great job, Ali! A total natural!

  3. Congrats!! That is SO awesome!! I would have been terrified! ;)

  4. That’s so cool! What a fun opportunity.

  5. You did such a great job – you are truly a natural!!! Love the recipe too!

  6. You killed it. The camera loves you.

  7. Yay Ali! You did such a great job! And I am LOVING the avocado pesto. Pesto perfection!

  8. You were so good & Michael is hilarious! You seemed like such a natural. that pesto sounds amazing. I’m so addicted to avocados right now.

  9. Loved your segment, the pesto looks so good!

  10. You are such a cutie and this pasta is out of this world!!

  11. You are so cute!!! I love this video. it is so fun!!

  12. Woo hoo! Great job, you were so cute!

  13. Ali, you are adorable! I loved it when you were like “HEY! This avocado has skin on it!”

    No, but really, you were AWESOME!

  14. You did such a great job Ali, a total pro!

  15. You did an awesome job! That recipe sounds delicious too. :-)

  16. First, you did an awesome job on live television! Second, that pasta looks incredible and I will be bookmarking it to make this summer!

  17. You are a rockstar, my dear!! Congrats!!!

  18. So fun, Ali, congrats! And this dish sounds DELISH :)

  19. SWEEEET!!! Your hair looks so cute. :)

  20. You are the cutest, greatest person ever. And what stage presence you have!! I know you said you were super nervous, but seriously?? I COULD NOT TELL. You are a natural in front of the camera–such ease.

    Really proud and happy for you, my dear friend. I want to see a show in your future :)

  21. Oh my gosh Ali, you are such a natural! You looked so comfortable on the set. I remember my first tv segment (it wasn’t live, and it was at my house) but I was still way nervous. I can’t imagine being on live TV and on an unfamiliar set. You did so well! I was grinning from ear to ear just watching you! :)