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Park Güell

Park Güell

What It Is: 

Gaudí’s quirky housing-development-turned-park gives visitors a stroll through some of his most colorful and meandering landscape design. Nestled in the foothills, visitors are also treated to some lovely views of Barcelona city and the Mediterranean.

Note: Park Güell is famous and on many, many lists of recommendations. But in our opinion, due to the current construction and crowds, we can’t recommend it wholeheartedly.

Where It’s Located:

Just above the lovely Gràcia neighborhood. | Google Map

Why We Love It: 

If you’re looking for a breather from the packed streets of the Old City, Park Güell gives you a chance to stretch your legs while having a quintessential Barcelona experience. If you’re a big Gaudí fan, this will undoubtedly be on your list, despite the travel from the center city. If not, it’s still a good place to see some of Gaudí’s most whimsical work, with the city of Barcelona below.

Our Recommendations:

  • If you’ve decided to go, definitely book your tickets in advance. Park Güell is popular at every time of year.
  • Park Güell is all about Gaudí’s substantial imagination at its peak. If you’re looking for a serene place to take a break from the rhythm of the city, this might not be your park.

Other Tips:

  • The park’s main terrace is currently under renovation, so you’ll be looking through a fair amount of scaffolding and construction dust.
  • The park is located a bit out of the heart of the city, so consider a taxi or the tourist bus tickets if you’re short on time.
  • For a more affordable option, you can take public transportation, but you’ll be walking uphill for a bit before reaching the main gate of the park (pack some water for the walk).
  • Just downhill from Park Güell, you’ll run into the Gràcia neighborhood – a charming neighborhood with plenty of quality bars and restaurants.


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