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Hey friends. Gimme Some Reads has been live for three months now! Crazy, huh? I’d love to get a little feedback from you all, to better know my audience, so I’ve created a quick survey (below). As these are fairly general questions, and don’t allow you to write in your own answers, feel free to comment on this post (or email me) if you have any further suggestions.

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Thanks so much for following Gimme Some Reads these past few months!

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Bet Mercer is a poet-photographer who writes at Gimme Some Reads and Everyday Poetry. She loves quotes, reading her favourite books over again, great conversation, laughter, trees, films, and travelling the world. Follow along with Bet on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr, Etsy and Google+.

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  1. While I was a “I don’t pin quotes” responder, as soon as I finished the survey I was like “ooh I like the way these quotes look!”. Nice font, good solid bright colors. They’re nice.