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An Introduction to Monday Melodies

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{monday melodies} is here to bring you a bit of song to start your day; you know, give you something to whistle while you work.

Music is a fairly universal enjoyment — there seems to be a style available for everyone. Music can be nonverbal (instrumental) or paired with lyrics that don’t really matter but, when a song is sung with aptly chosen words — suddenly, it’s not simply a tune that sticks in your head; it can become an anthem that causes you to stand straighter as you belt out those words yourself, for yourself. Those words that seem as if they came directly out of your journal, or maybe even the words that you dare not put to paper. They can help you see the world with a smile, or face the world with your chin up.

Sometimes even those instrumental songs, when they’re titled well, can speak to you on an even deeper level in wordless ways because of the words that named the notes you hear.

It’s like naming a photograph or piece of art. With the right words, you add to the life that can be found there. I stumbled upon these twirly golden grasses while hiking in Colorado with my brother. If I just showed you the picture, you might also see its beauty, but without words, you might miss its impact (on me and thus, possibly you).

a visual melody
this stopped me in my tracks.
like a song for my eyes.

The words don’t have to be 20 letters long, or 20 pages-worth. Sometimes they’re simple. Sometimes it’s their very commonness that allows them to hit home.

Today’s offering goes a little something like this…

If you haven’t heard Nina Simone belt this song out, don’t waste another second of your day. »listen on Amazon.

what is one of your favourite pick-me-up songs?

This post contains affiliate links.


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6 comments on “An Introduction to Monday Melodies”

  1. I LOVE this song. Perfect Monday day-brightener. When I need a boost I listen to Beyonce’s BDay album. Those tracks have gotten me through a lot of bad days and slow miles (great running music). They are unabashedly sassy, don’t take themselves too seriously (which is usually what I’m doing when I’m down), and hook-y beyond compare.

    • yeah, i made myself a copy of that birthday mix i gave you with this song and have been listening to it in my car for months.

      i don’t think i’ve ever heard an entire beyonce album before… but her “single ladies” song always makes me smile.

  2. I love this post!! Now it’s in my head for the rest of the day…:)

  3. U2 or Michael Jackson…..especially “Man in the Mirror” for a true pick-me-up.