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Christmas is Coming

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It’s beginning to look a bit like Christmas, even though it’s been strangely warmish in the Midwest. Regardless of weather or whatever else is going on in my life, when December hits, I can’t help but feel a kiddish glee in whistling Christmas carols — be it Silver Bells or something from Sufjan.

Suddenly, along with a hint of chill, there’s a hint of cheer in the air. It’s almost as if for a few weeks each year everyone’s willing to look at strangers as friends — or at least as fellow humans with hopes and dreams.

Of course nothing is quite that simple and there are still grumps (or worse), but even so, nothing can quite dispel the glimmer of hope that glows a bit brighter at this time of year.

» Listen to Only at Christmas Time by Sufjan Stevens.

With Christmas carols, somehow the simpler they are, the better and truer they seem. Sufjan masters this art by recording old favourites and adding his own simple contributions; his 2006 album still fills up the majority of my Christmas playlist year after year.

Even though its title might make you write it off as a downer Christmas song, That Was the Worst Christmas Ever! is one of my favourite Sufjan Christmas songs.

I still remember the first time I heard that unexpected line — “in time the Lord will rise” — (I had to replay the song to ensure those were  the actual words; sometimes I mishear wonderful things). Surprisingly powerful in its simplicity; I heard hope amid whatever circumstances pile up. » Listen on Amazon.

» In the spirit of giving, it’s time for a Gimme Some Reads {giveaway}.

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what is your favourite Sufjan Christmas song?

This post contains affiliate links.


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0 comments on “Christmas is Coming”

  1. Wait, I can’t choose all of the above? I love that album. I haven’t listened yet this year, but I will. Oh will I.

    And what a cute giveaway!

  2. Put the Lights on the Tree & We’re Goin’ to the Country are my faves. I actually put on Put the Lights on the Tree every year when we, um, put the lights on the tree.

    • yeah – Put the Lights on the Tree is one of my favourites too – I was going to highlight it in the post but it’s hard to pinpoint (lyric-wise) what I love about it. I did listen to it on repeat when I was writing product descriptions for a string of Christmas trees! :)

    • i can’t get over the keyboard. same with Death Cab’s “Brothers on a Hotel Bed.” you start a song off with that style of keys, and i’m hooked. don’t know why.

  3. Mmmm. Love that album too. Sadly, not as ecstatic about his new Christmas album “silver and gold”. But there’s a few treats there, just not as consistently.