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Thankful for Laughter

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{monday melodies} a song to start your week

Thanksgiving week is already upon us. I’ve been participating in a thankfulness-venture, which I started last year, called thanks-squared. Basically, the month of November becomes a treasure-hunt for thankfulness; each day you look for something you are thankful for and you instagram it — reminding yourself, while sharing it with others.

Here on Gimme Some Reads, I want to start with a word and pair it with reads.

Today’s word is: LAUGHTER

If you are not aware of the band, Geggy Tah, you might be confused by the image-quote above. You should probably take a few minutes and go listen to it » Whoever You Are.

I remember the first time I heard this song. When it sunk in that yes, it was really a song and yes, they did actually just sing those words, I was delighted. It’s oddly normal to think of making up a little song while you’re driving (at least for me). But contrary to the customary driving-angst, the idea of someone singing thanks to a neighbouring driver catches me off-guard with laughter (the solitary surprised “ha!” kind of laughter).

And that is what I love about laughter — that element of surprise; the way it shakes me free from the weight of my circumstances and lets me see with fresh eyes. Whether it’s laughter from sudden awareness, overflowing joy, or tired silliness — I am always left the better for its coming.

I once had a friendship start from a laugh.

In 2008, I had the privilege of attending a conference in Rwanda as a videographer/photographer. The first day my camera and I were drawn to this woman. I was fascinated by her face — strong and lovely; a face with stories. So, I tried to “sneak” a photo. But she caught me — and laughed.

In that moment, Reverend Anastasia and I became friends.

“Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.”
Victor Borge

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do you ever make up songs while driving?
has laughter ever surprised you?

This post contains affiliate links. 
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9 comments on “Thankful for Laughter”

  1. My regular driving songs are some variation on these two:
    1. “That’s one way to do it, truck. That’s one way to do it!”
    2. “Way to use your turn signal, Jeep, way to use your signal!”
    My driving songs are kinda sarcastic and bitter. They need more laughter in ’em!

    • ha! i hear these as a kind of opera or dramatic musical. my songs tend to be more kids-TV-esque. one winter when it took like 30 minutes to drive 1 mile on 39th street, i made up a song about the sound of the wheels on the icy snow. i think it took me several minutes before i realised what i was singing and then i busted up laughing.

  2. Beautiful. I love the idea of friendship starting from laughter. :)

    I’m pretty much singing from the second I turn the keys in the ignition, but not too many of those are Ali-cartime-originals. Maybe I’ll try that on my drive to work today…

  3. I think my favorite moments of being surprised by laughter are when I’m in a fight/argument/intense discussion with Toby and something funny/unexpected happens and the tension is dissipated when we both start spontaneously laughing….

  4. Most of my songs have started in the car!

  5. Gah, LOVE Victor Borge! My brother and I were the nerdy kids that watched his videos all the time. He was such a great pianist and wonderful comedian.

    • I’d actually never heard of Victor Barge, before I found this quote. I’ll have to go find some of his stuff to watch knowing that you love him, Mel.