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Shop Category: For The Cocktail Lover

Glass Bottles with Wood Stoppers

Love these pretty glass bottles from West Elm. Different bottles are sold separately.

IPA Beer Making Kit

For any other fellow IPA lovers, this kit provides the tools to kick off your new home-brewing hobby.

DIY Kombucha Kit

Learn how to ferment your own batch of classic kombucha with this simple home brewing kit. 7-piece kit plus instructions included.

Carry-On Cocktail Kit

All you need to do is order a miniature bottle of bourbon, and then this cute kit will help you mix two perfect Old Fashioned cocktails at 30,000 ft. The bitters included are also small enough to make it past security.

Arrow Cocktail Picks

Garnish your martini in style with these stainless steel picks. Set of 6.

Classic Cocktail Kit

From margaritas to martinis, this gift kit is perfect for anyone who loves a good cocktail. 8-piece set.

The Homemade Gin Kit

For all of the gin-lovers in your life, this fantastic kit contains everything you need to infuse your own gin! The only other thing you need to add is vodka.

Sphere Ice Molds

Chill your drinks without watering them down! Plus, these sphere molds make any cocktail look sleek and classy. (Set of 2)

Whiskey Wedge

A new “slant” on whiskey sipping. I can’t wait to try one of these!

Mason Jar Shaker

For any of you Mason jar lovers who are still out there, get ready to whip up some cocktails with this classic shaker!

Metal Bendy Straws

These metal straws show up in quite a few of my photos here on the blog, and with good reason — I love them! They’re a bit of a pain to clean, but so much fun to use.

Amber Beer Soap

Lather up with some…beer?! Turns out it’s actually pretty good for your skin! Love this handmade line from Oil & Ash Soap.

Lime Juicer

This juicer is so strong and will squeeze out every last drop of lime juice like a pro. It’s worth every penny.

Lemon Juicer

If you also use a lot of lemons, I definitely recommend this lemon juicer (which juices both lemons and limes).

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