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A collection of my favorite products that I recommend for cooking, entertaining, and everyday life.
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Dinosaur Planter

Coolest planters ever. Air plant included. Rawr. (Comes in other designs and colors too…if you must.)

Everlane Apparel

I’m in love with this online brand. They focus on well-made basics, the company is transparent about their factories, and they have great return policies.

Maldon Sea Salt

I’m obsessed with this stuff. It’s especially a great finishing salt, perfect for sprinkling on savory and sweet dishes.

Literary Flower Earrings

Origami rose flower post earrings. Too cute!

FashionABLE Apparel

A gorgeous collection of bags, scarves, jewelry and many other beautiful products made by “women who have overcome”. Love their stories.

Sseko Apparel

One of the coolest brands I know with fantastic shoes, scarves, bags, jewelry and more made by women in Uganda. Read all about it!

Threads 4 Thought Apparel

Activeware and cotton basics that are made ethically and sustainably. (I especially love their dresses!)

Glass Bottles with Wood Stoppers

Love these pretty glass bottles from West Elm. Different bottles are sold separately.

Silk Long-Sleeve Dress

A classic long-sleeve dress that’s cozy and comfortable, and easy to dress up or down. Available in multiple colors.

Silk Tank Dress

A simple swing dress for summer, available in a few pretty colors.

V-Neck Sweater

A simple cotton V-Neck sweater from Everlane, available in a few colors.

Silk Round Collar Blouse

This lovely silk blouse from Everlane is classic, available in multiple colors, and so flattering in person.

U-Neck Sweater

Classic scoop-neck Italian wool sweater from Everlane, available in a few colors.

Silk Tank

Love this beautiful simple silk tank from Everlane. Very flattering.

Organic Cotton Pintuck Duvet Cover + Shams

I’ve had this duvet set for many years, and still love it. It comes in many colors, and looks good with just about any bed frame.

Gap True Skinny Jeans

My new favorite pair of jeans. (That I, of course, own in three colors.)

Crest Bentwood Chair

I recently bought these chairs for my dining room table and love them! They are surprisingly comfortable and I love the mid-century design.

Threshold Bar Cart

Super-affordable and super-cute gold bar cart from Target. Love the classy mid-century design!

Campaign Desk

I bought this desk a few years ago from World Market, and totally love it. The design is simple and well-made and goes with nearly any decor. Keep an eye out — it goes on sale often!

Faux Fur Throw

There’s nothing like snuggling up with a heavy, soft, (faux) furry blanket in the wintertime. Lots of options from PB!

Warmest Throw

I adore this throw from West Elm. It’s lightweight, super-soft, and looks great with all styles of decor! (Multiple colors available – I especially love it in Nightshade.)

Custom Gold Foil Print

Choose your favorite text, color, size, and font for a customized gold foil print. Affordable too!

Glass Tea Bottle

Love this gorgeous glass tea bottle from Food52. Perfect for taking your brew to-go, and it’s BPA free with a cork sleeve.

Grilling Tools Set

A great 14-piece stainless steel grilling tools set, including a carrying case. Great for any griller!

Himalayan Salt Block (and Holder)

Perfect for grilling or chilling many of your favorite foods, this salt block technique adds extra flavor to food and also makes for great entertainment.

Mesh Grilling Basket

Perfect for grilling meats, seafood, veggies, and more. Plus it has a removable handle!

Jane Austen Postcards

For all of my fellow Austen fans, these lovely cards feature her personal correspondence. Set of 100 (4 each of 25 designs).

Victorian Whale Bookends

Because what better to bookend your library than a Victorian whale? :)

Hunter Black Adjustable Boots

I own and absolutely love these classic black Wellies, and am a big fan of the adjustable backs. So comfortable and durable!

Chestnut Afar Loafers

These chestnut loafers were recently released by Sseko, and are absolutely gorgeous and so comfortable in person! Even better? They’re made by an incredible group of women in Africa working with Sseko. Great shoes to support and even greater story.

Nude Ballet Flats

Some buy $200 Tieks. I stick with Target’s $17 ballet flats. :) They’re comfortable, come in all sorts of colors, and never go out of style.

Sseko Brown Sandals

I absolutely love these sandals made by women in Uganda with Sseko. First off, the ribbons are inter-changeable and they sell tons that you can buy. But the fun part is that there are literally hundreds of ways you can tie these sandals! Check out Sseko for tying tutorials, and the great story behind these

IPA Beer Making Kit

For any other fellow IPA lovers, this kit provides the tools to kick off your new home-brewing hobby.

Rewined Pinot Noir Candle

I love this line of repurposed wine bottle candles, and the pinot noir scent is my favorite.

2-Layer Sandwich Box

This cute sandwich box has 2 removable layers that are the perfect home for your sandwich on top, and a salad or snack below, with clasps to hold them together. So functional! (Set of 2)

Spice & Herb Salt Tower

A stacked rainbow of beautiful spice and herb salts. 8 delicious varieties included, and perfect for gifting!

Peppercorn Tower

A stack of 5 delicious varieties of peppercorn that’s perfect for gifting.

Salt Tower

A beautiful collection of 6 hand-harvested salts from around the world. Perfect for gifting!

DIY Kombucha Kit

Learn how to ferment your own batch of classic kombucha with this simple home brewing kit. 7-piece kit plus instructions included.

DIY Grow-Your-Own Shiitake Mushroom Log

Um, quite possibly the coolest gift ever?!?!? Just soak this prepared log in in cold water for 24 hours, mist it occasionally, and in 6-12 months, you’ll have a crop of delicious mushrooms. Brilliant.

DIY Tortilla Kit

Kick Taco Tuesday up a notch with some homemade tortillas! This great set gives you the instructions and supplies to make some delicious homemade corn tortillas from scratch. They’re easier than you might think!

DIY Deluxe Hot Sauce Kit

Calling all hot sauce lovers! This fun kit has everything you need to make 6 bottles of gourmet hot sauce: Sweet Heat, Louisiana Style, Caribbean Sauce, Brazilian Sauce, Garlic Sauce, and Garden Sauce. So fun!

Carry-On Cocktail Kit

All you need to do is order a miniature bottle of bourbon, and then this cute kit will help you mix two perfect Old Fashioned cocktails at 30,000 ft. The bitters included are also small enough to make it past security.

Arrow Cocktail Picks

Garnish your martini in style with these stainless steel picks. Set of 6.

Classic Cocktail Kit

From margaritas to martinis, this gift kit is perfect for anyone who loves a good cocktail. 8-piece set.

12-Bottle Stainless Steel Wine Refrigerator

If you want a wine refrigerator, but don’t have room for a huge one, I love this sleek 12-bottle option. Adjust the temperature as desired for whites, roses, reds and more.

The Homemade Gin Kit

For all of the gin-lovers in your life, this fantastic kit contains everything you need to infuse your own gin! The only other thing you need to add is vodka.

Hexagonal Wine Rack

Love this small, geometric, affordable wine rack. Perfect for displaying in your dining room or kitchen.

Sphere Ice Molds

Chill your drinks without watering them down! Plus, these sphere molds make any cocktail look sleek and classy. (Set of 2)

Whiskey Wedge

A new “slant” on whiskey sipping. I can’t wait to try one of these!

Literary Scarves

My book clubbers and I all love this line of literary scarves, featuring excerpts from books like Pride & Prejudice, Jane Eyre, Les Mis, Little Women, Anne of Green Gables, and more. So great!!

Bath Caddy

A good book + some good wine + a good bath. Seriously, what could be better?

Steinbeck Candle

“And now that you don’t have to be perfect, you can be good.” Gotta love Steinbeck.

Bread and Wine

My all-time favorite food memoir. Well, I love all of Shauna Niequist’s books, but this one absolutely captures the heart of everything I love about food and the role it plays in the important relationships and moments of our lives.

Three Many Cooks

I adore this memoir written by the mother-and-daughters trio behind the blog, Three Many Cooks (Pam Anderson, Maggy Keet and Sharon Damelio). Their essays about food, faith and family will draw you in, make you laugh, and inspire you in the best of ways.

It Was Me All Along

A powerful, honest, and beautifully written memoir by my friend, Andie (of the blog, Can You Stay For Dinner), who shares all about her significant weight loss and journey to loving her life through and after it all.

America’s Test Kitchen: The New Best Recipe

My all-time favorite cookbook!!! I buy this for all of my friends who get married, because it’s a fantastic resource for learning how to cook and the recipes are ALWAYS a success!

The Flavor Bible

An absolute “must” for anyone who loves to cook and experiment with new recipes. I use my copy every week!

Madewell Tote

I have admired Madewell’s totes for years, and now they have a classic tote that comes with a zip top. So beautiful! (2 colors available)

Sseko Caramel Tote

Gorgeous caramel leather tote, embellished with my favorite little beaded accent. Even better? The incredible women in Africa who make them, and the Sseko story behind it all. I love everything about this company.

Kate Spade Small Black Purse

The “Cedar Street Cali” from Kate Spade is the perfect, classic, small purse. It comes in a variety of colors, and can also be monogramed.

Let’s Brew T-Shirt

Perfect for the coffee, tea or beer lovers in your life.

KS/MO Necklace

#KCProud! This one goes out to everyone from Kansas City. I own this beautiful necklace from local jeweler, Janesko, and absolutely love it. (Available in 4 different finishes)

Small Square Stud Earrings

Need some bling for your ears? I love this pair of small sparkly stud earrings from Kate Spade.

Wine Saver

A must-have for wine. I also keep an extra set of the stoppers on hand to save extra wine after parties.

Geo Salt + Pepper Shakers

Love these geometric salt and pepper shakers from West Elm! They’re guaranteed to make you want to shake it out, shake it out….

Slow Cooker Revolution

Love this new book from ATK. It’s full of delicious soups, stews, braises, chilis, pasta sauces, meatballs, bbq, casseroles, eggs, desserts and more — all slow cooked with minimal prep time. Plus, they include all sorts of great tips and secrets for getting the most out of your slow cooker.

The Skinnytaste Cookbook

Written by my talented food blogging friend, Gina Homolka, this cookbook is my go-to favorite for healthier delicious recipes!

Silver Mercury Glass Bottle

I love this mercury glass bottle. It’s classic and beautiful — great for fresh herbs or flowers.

Caged Bubble Vases

Perfect for decorating, using fresh or artificial blooms and branches. They also make great dining table centerpieces! (Three sizes available)

Slate Cheese Board

The most affordable cheese board I’ve found. It measures 18″ x 12″, it’s nice and durable, and it is the most beautiful way to serve cheese or other tasty appetizers!

Vinturi Wine Aerator

I received one of these as a gift a few years ago, and am totally hooked on it. It aerates wine in a few seconds, and the difference in taste is incredible. Plus it’s small and easy to store!

Bonavita Coffee Maker

My coffee-shop-owner-friend recommends this as the automatic coffee maker that tastes most like pour-over. My good friends own one, and I agree that it’s the best-tasting coffee maker I’ve tried. Worth the investment!

Geo Terrarium

Love these geometric terrariums! They come in three different sizes, and make any home plans look fantastic.

Smoky Stone Drop Earrings

Is anyone else as obsessed with World Market’s jewelry as I am? Love these earrings — they’re $9.99, classic, and they go with just about everything.

Capri Blue Mercury Glass Candle

My all-time favorite candle! It’s absolutely beautiful, has the yummiest sweet scent, and lasts quite awhile. LOVE.

Gold Honeycomb Necklace

Beautiful and delicate and sweet as honey.

Coffee Bean Necklace

You can drink your coffee, and wear it too. ;)

Chemex (with Glass Handle)

My favorite way to make pour-over coffee. I especially love the design of this version with the glass handle, and they come in multiple sizes. Be sure to buy filters (and good coffee!) to go along with it.

Ceramic Macaroni Necklace

Love this! The chains come in different colors too.

Mason Jar Shaker

For any of you Mason jar lovers who are still out there, get ready to whip up some cocktails with this classic shaker!

White Marble Cheese Slicer

I own and love this small cheese slicer. It’s great for setting out at parties, or just slicing up some cheese for a snack.

Conversion Dishtowel

I own and love this dishtowel from Crate & Barrel. Looks great and is mighty handy to have nearby too!

Cozy Door Mat

This welcome mat says it all. :)

Wine Glass Writer

Perfect for keeping track of wine glasses at a party! This set includes 3 colored markers that are safe for writing on wine glasses and wash off easily.

Metal Bendy Straws

These metal straws show up in quite a few of my photos here on the blog, and with good reason — I love them! They’re a bit of a pain to clean, but so much fun to use.

Custom Bookplate Stamp

Customize your very own bookplate stamp — or order one for a friend!

Amber Beer Soap

Lather up with some…beer?! Turns out it’s actually pretty good for your skin! Love this handmade line from Oil & Ash Soap.

Hot Cinnamon Sunset Tea

My all-time favorite tea. (Well, this is the version sold at Target. I originally love the Hot Cinnamon Spice, which seems to basically be the same thing.)  I drink it every day!


For anyone who wants to experiment with developing your own recipes, this book does a great job at explaining the basic ratios behind popular foods. I’ve used and loved it for years!

Lime Juicer

This juicer is so strong and will squeeze out every last drop of lime juice like a pro. It’s worth every penny.

Measuring Spoons

I just love these measuring spoons because they’re nice and skinny and long, which means they’ll actually fit into your spice jars! Brilliant.

Silicone Regular Spatula

I’ve owned many a rubber/silicone spatula over the years, but this line of spatulas from OXO is by far my favorite, and I own at least one in every size. Mostly, I just love them because the top won’t fall off of the handle!

Stainless and Nylon Tongs

Every cook needs a good pair (or two) of tongs, and these ones are (by far) my favorite. The nylon grip prevents them from getting too hot to handle, and the clamp lets you lock them for more compact storage.

Divided Airtight Container

A grown-up lunch box! Love the design and functionality, and it’s made with stainless steel.

The Best Slippers Ever

These “luxury plush foot duvets” = life-changing.  I’m obsessed and can’t go a winter without them. Best slippers ever.

Bamboo Skewers & Knot Picks

Perfect for serving small bites, cheese, fruit, meats, or other various cocktails.

Lemon Juicer

If you also use a lot of lemons, I definitely recommend this lemon juicer (which juices both lemons and limes).

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