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“the good neighbor cookbook” giveaway

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Many of you know that the reason I got into cooking (and now the reason I blog) is because I so strongly believe in the profound blessing that good food can be when shared with those you love.

So I am truly excited to introduce to you the newly-released cookbook for this week’s giveaway — “The Good Neighbor Cookbook”. Written by my friends, Suzanne and Sara, this cookbook celebrates the idea that “homemade food is a labor or love, but it need not be laborious”. Agreed!! So they have compiled a creative, easy and super-delicious collection of recipes to be shared, organized in chapters such as:

  • Bringing Home Baby
  • Get Well Soon
  • Welcome To The Neighborhood
  • Block Parties and Barbeques
  • Meet and Eat: Community, Religious and Business Gatherings
  • Novel Ideas for Book Clubs
  • Condolences

I love it. Such a perfect resource to have on hand that overflows with thoughtful, practical cooking inspiration. So I’m excited to announce that we will be giving away a copy to five Gimme Some Oven readers this week! Read below for details on how to enter, and definitely check out the book on Amazon, or the Good Neighbor Cookbook website soon!

Chocolate Chip & Candied Ginger Blondies - Photo courtesy of "The Good Neighbor Cookbook" website

“The Good Neighbor Cookbook” Giveaway

Giveaway Prize:

Each day this week (Tuesday 5/31, Wednesday 6/1, Thursday 6/2, Friday 6/3, & Saturday 6/4), one person will win a copy of “The Good Neighbor Cookbook”.

Entry requirements:

How to Enter: Leave a comment on this page mentioning your favorite recipe to share with neighbors. **You may enter one comment a day for extra entries**

Required: You must include your email address in the comment form. I will need it to contact you should you win.

Deadline: June 4, 2010 at 11:59pm Central Time

3 Opportunities for extra entries:

  1. Twitter: Copy this exact text into a tweet, and then post a link to your tweet in a comment below — “Enter to win a newly-released copy of “The Good Neighbor Cookbook” at @gimmesomeoven this week!  #giveaway #recipes”
  2. Facebook: “Like” The Good Neighbor Cookbook on Facebook, and leave a comment here saying you have done so.
  3. Facebook: “Like” Gimme Some Oven on Facebook, and leave a comment here saying you have done so.


The Fine Print: No purchase necessary to enter. Winner will be selected at random by Gimme Some Oven using Entries that do not follow the entry requirements will not be considered. Winners will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to confirm receipt of the email. If the winners do not reply within 48 hours, another winner(s) will be selected. Giveaways will be mailed to the winners’ address. Product was provided to me by The Good Neighbor Cookbook. I received no compensation to review this product, and all opinions are my own.

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229 comments on ““the good neighbor cookbook” giveaway”

  1. Who doesn’t like a homemade baked good!? That would just be un-American. :) I am personally a fan of bars with nuts and chocolate. Or perhaps something salty and sweet!

  2. I’ve ‘liked’ Gimme Some Oven for a long time! :)

  3. I love to share chocolate chip cookie dough truffles or whatever quick bread I have the supplies on hand to make into mini loaves to share :).

  4. My favorite recipe to share with neighbors is my baked macaroni and cheese.

  5. I tweeted.!/pixelcat13/status/76002541703401473

  6. I love to share black forest brownies, homemade sushi or my fruit dip.

  7. I’ve like Gimme Some Oven for awhile now :)

  8. I like Gimme Some Oven on FB.

  9. Liked The Good Neighbor Cookbook on facebook too!

  10. I love sharing some blondie brownies with the neighbors!

  11. Oooh I just shared a berry pie recipe. Soo good! And I “liked” gimmesomeoven.

  12. I am a fan of gimme some oven on Facebook!! I enjoy sharing my cinnamon buns recipe!

  13. Another neighbor sharing favorite…Banana Nut Bread :)

  14. Pick me! I like to bring gumbo made with rotisserie chicken.

  15. I like sharing fudge made with both milk and white chocolate. I usually layer the 2, but plan on swirling them next time I make it!

  16. In the summer, the classic for me is pasta salad. I have an amazing and super simple, fresh recipe. In the fall/winter months, it is definitely chicken tortilla soup. This recipe has been passed on and on and on, it’s a winner every time!

  17. Actually my favorite giveaway is homemade jams and jellies. Everyone loves them. I give them away with the instructions “if you return the jar it will be refilled again next year”. One of m co-workers hides my peach preserves at the back of her refridge so her husband can’t find it. They pour it over vanilla ice cream. My 20 year old is leaving home this weekend to start her ‘adult’ life. Her request, some of my jams to take with her….she will be 3000 miles away. And she wants chicken and dumplings for dinner before she goes.

  18. I just made lemon bars and berry oat bars for a bake sale benefiting a family that lost 2 sons in the recent tornadoes. I love sharing the gift of food, and it’s even better if it is charitable.

  19. i like to share my recipe for caramel corn!

  20. How about for today.. Spicy Mexican Soup.. Yeah I know it’s a tad warmish now.. But it’s cooking right now.. It’s quite delicious & in summer months I won’t reheat leftovers @ lunch just eat it ice cold.. Maybe I’m the only one..

  21. my favourite thing to share is carrot cake!

  22. i also like gimme some oven on facebook :)

  23. I love sharing simple homemade chocolate chip cookies!

  24. It depends on the occasion, probably a baked good (cookies, bars, cupcakes) or an easy casserole that can be frozen or reheated.

  25. I also like Gimme Some Oven on Facebook.

  26. I love sharing my lavender treats with everyone. We have a small lavender farm, and I love experimenting. My honey lavender caramels are REALLY good, but I get most requests for the lavender cheesecake.

  27. My family has an annual strawberry festival in honor of my grandfather. Every year, I bake strawberry cobbler to share with them.
    I love baking cranberry bread and banana bread for neighbors – it’s simple to make, tasty, and easy to carry over.

    I’ve also liked the cookbook on Facebook, and I’ve liked the gimme some oven page for a while!

  28. I usually take a baked chicken breast dish with swiss cheese and white wine sauce.

  29. Every christmas my family makes gross upon gross of cookies, with peanut butter blossoms being the favorite. I would have to say that is my favorite to share with others. :D

  30. Did not know we had to say we liked a page. Well I liked this website on fb. (email) mentiramivida6 [at] yahoo [dot] com. And like to share many recipes. Another one I like to share is my colorful caramel muffins.

  31. I love anything that can be made to freeze well, like a nice big lasagna. Yum.

  32. Another favorite recipe to share would be my crispy chicken…

  33. I love sharing puppy chow! It’s so simple and inexpensive, yet it always puts a smile on everyone’s faces! Not to mention it tastes AMAZING!

  34. Just liked this blog! Didn’t even know it had a Facebook page! Also liked “The Good Neighbor Cookbook!”

  35. i also like to share cupcake recipes with friends… my personal favorite is lemon blueberry cupcakes!

  36. I like to share a recipe for something my family calls “crusty things” similar to bruschetta but a little different and a big hit!

  37. I liked The Good Neighbor Cookbook on fb

  38. I’m typical enough that I love making large batches of chocolate chip cookies and sharing them with the neighbors…

  39. Chocolate balsamic raspberry cupcakes, because they got me a 105% on my first partial differential equations test of the semester!

  40. i like ‘gimme some oven’ on facebook!

  41. Pick me!! This newlywed needs the cookbook :)

  42. Would love to have a cook book! Have 2 little boys and they love baked goods :) Would love to be able to bake yummy stuff for them :)

  43. I just “liked” you guys on Facebook, and I wish I could “LOVE” this cookbook – SUCH a great concept!

  44. Sopapilla cheesecake, so easy so good

  45. I’m a college student who lives in a dorm. I love to cook but my neighbors don’t really share my enthusiasm! However I’ve shared a recipe for Jungle Juice that’s a hit at my dorm!
    I’ve liked Gimme Some Oven and The Good Neighbor Cookbook on Facebook.

  46. Baked goods, when it’s not too hot to run the oven.

  47. I love sharing baked goods (especially cupcakes) with my neighbors. A batch makes too many for my family and I know the neighborhood kids love them!

  48. I tweeted the giveaway @amyscookingadve!/amyscookingadve/status/76474176642351104

  49. I like the Good Neighbor Cookbook on facebook