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{diy} life lessons notebook

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{DIY} Life Lessons Notebook | #gifts

Yesterday was my mom’s 50th birthday! Since this year was such a special birthday I thought it might be nice to make something personal for her. This was a relatively easy gift to make seeing as though I could probably come up with hundreds of reasons why my mother is so great! :)  

What you’ll need:

  • Notebook (I used a watercolor book from Hobby Lobby because it had such a great texture to each page and a really nice cover.
  • Fine tip sharpie
  • String or yarn to wrap with (optional)
  • Gift tag (optional)

What you’ll do:

I contemplated whether or not to type out a book for my mom, but decided that I wanted it to be handmade. I liked the idea of using the worn looking pages and a pen to really make it personal. I came up with 50 different lessons or tips that my Mom has taught me over the years and then just randomly sketched different fonts and doodles on each page!

{DIY} Life Lessons Notebook | #gifts

Here are a few of the pages from the book–obviously some of them are more on the silly side, but the majority of them were lessons that have molded me into who I am today.

{DIY} Life Lessons Notebook | #gifts

{DIY} Life Lessons Notebook | #gifts

{DIY} Life Lessons Notebook | #gifts

Here is a view of the cover:

{DIY} Life Lessons Notebook | #gifts

{DIY} Life Lessons Notebook | #gifts

Sometimes it is nice to find a way to show those you love that they are really special and have made a difference in your life. Hopefully this will inspire you to let someone you love know how much you care! :)

Did anyone else celebrate a monumental birthday this week?

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3 comments on “{diy} life lessons notebook”

  1. Seriously one of the best ideas ever!! I loved it and I know she did too!

  2. This is Liz’s mom, and I can’t begin to tell you how special this gift was to me! So cute and creative, but mostly, it was such a meaningful and thoughtful gift! Anyone would love to receive something like this!

  3. this is so sweet. you’re such a good gift-giver, liz!