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Our 2017 Christmas “Card” (VIDEO)

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Friends! In lieu of sending out official holiday cards this year, because — let’s face it, both of us are total procrastinators, plus mailboxes and inboxes of all kinds have never been our forte — we thought we’d sing you all a little Christmas song instead. ♡

From our home to yours, we wish you a holiday ahead filled with much love and hope and light. And we’re sending so many abrazos (hugs!) your way.

Ali & Barclay

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85 comments on “Our 2017 Christmas “Card” (VIDEO)”

  1. you two!!!
    Merry Chrysmas!!

  2. This just made my day. Love you two!

  3. You two are so special! Love this…

  4. Beautiful Christmas card! Merry Christmas to you too!

  5. Happy Christmas to you to Ali & Barclay , love the song :)

    From Mia in Denmark :)

  6. Ahhh! So super sweet! Loved it, loved it, loved it! Thank you. Love you guys. Wish you a very Merry Christmas. Love to meet you guys in person with our little family if we make it to that part of the world one day. Many happy greetings your way. xoxo

  7. A mulit-talented couple. Merry Christmas!

  8. OMG! You two are so freaking adorable! It’s so wonderful to see such young love blooming and you are so very in love just by looking at you :) Merry Christmas from our family to yours! Love the video!

  9. Just love this….feeling so merry right now. Hey Ali and Barclay, my daughter is flying to Barcelona to study for 4 months…leaving Jan 2nd. As a result, I’ve been sharing your blog with her too….to discover fun corners of the city. Felix Navidad to you both from chilly MN.

  10. I loved every second of this. You’re both so talented. Also the way Barclay looks at you Ali… <3 <3 <3

  11. Superb!!!!!!

  12. Loved the video – watched it while sorting & wrapping gifts. Really made me happy. Our sweet doggie was asleep by my side also. Keep those recipes coming. Making the mulled wine for Christmas brunch

  13. Happiness abounds

  14. Love, love your holiday music! You are both so very talented!

  15. Merry Christmas,
    Good voice…:)

  16. You guys are so special?. Warmest greetings to both of you and family for the holidays. Looking forward to seeing more from you in 2018.

  17. Merry Christmas to both of you in far off Spain. You are so brave to pick up and leave the country to one that speaks a foreign language. I admire you for your adventurous sides! Twice my husband and I packed up and moved 1000 miles with no jobs waiting to begin our lives in different parts of the USA but we are both retired now and in Iowa. Wed. I flew to NC to visit my youngest daughter and my 2 granddaughters who are already 12 and 16. Had a fantastic visit in their brand new home. (Daddy) is a residential architect and this is their 5th new home! Flew home last evening so I could be with my husband on Christmas. I had to get caregivers to come in and do what I’ve been doing for him for a number of years and they needed to be done by Christmas as well. His face lit up with a really bright smile when I came thru the door. We were very happy to see each other again. 30 years and no arguments as we are soulmates! Much love as I keep up with your busy lives here on the internet. You are an awesome team and a wonderful cook as well. Terry – Iowa with SNOW!

  18. So sweet. Merry Christmas, you two!!

  19. Im late! I only just now got a breath from Christmas festivities to get to see this! It made my heart go pitty pat! Just lovely! Happy New Year From Kansas!

  20. You TWO are so stinkin cute – pure BEAUTY!
    From Juls and your Barber Financial Group Family,
    Feliz Navidad!

  21. Thanks, I needed that. How we envy you and the special life that you are living. God loves you.

  22. Such a beautiful ,sweet, little song!! You two are very talented!! Wishing you a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year!

  23. Thank you for that wonderful song. You both are too cute! And talented. Thank you for letting us share in your adventures. Happy New Year!

  24. You two are so adorable! I hope you both had a lovely Navidad and have a Feliz Ano Nuevo!

  25. Wow! I’m so impressed—-hidden talents! Happy New Year!

  26. So lovely! I’m a bit late in my wishes for a Happy New Year, but my wishes are heartfelt.

  27. Happy New Year !!

  28. Aw, this was amazing! So sweet and so filled with love. You made me all misty eyed! I hadn’t caught up with you in quite a while and am just going back through all of the wedding and moving news and I’m so happy for you, Ali!! xo

  29. I just came across your video while browsing your blog. I love you guys! Beautiful video:)

  30. Beautiful Christmas card! This is me watching it in 2020 and I still love it! Also, congrats on the baby! Love your card ! Such a talented couple! :)

    Sending love and God Bless!

  31. Wondeful! So Sweet!!

  32. I realize Im late in watching your 2017 Christmas video, but that was the sweetest cutest most heart felt greeting ever! Its so enjoyable to see happiness and laughter shine like that
    Thank you for all your delicious recipes!