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5 Ways To Be A Nice Person In Barcelona

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5 Things We’ve Learned About Being A Nice Person In Barcelona

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re already a nice person. But in any new place we travel, we always try our best to learn some of the nuances of the culture in order to show our respect for the people there. So here are five simple things that we recommend visitors keep in mind here in Barcelona…

  1. Say ‘hola’ to the staff when you walk into a store. Even if you don’t speak Spanish. ;) We love how this is customary in Barcelona, and always notice how the shop and restaurant owners appreciate it. It’s a simple sign of respect often missed amongst the throngs of tourists here.
  2. Service is included, but consider tipping if you’ve had a great meal. Even if you’re paying with a card, leaving a euro or two is a good way to recognize the people who served you. 5% won’t break the bank, but is greatly appreciated as it is not expected here. If you are paying by card, though, please note that you will need to tell your server the total amount that you would like to leave before you run the card, since there is not a tipping option printed out.
  3. Carry cash, especially coins. Barcelona draws people from around the world. As part of the energy of the city, there are plentiful street performers. If you see something that moves you, it makes a big difference (and a living) for those who offer it to drop a coin or two into the hat. And as mentioned above, coins are also good for leaving a bit of extra money behind after a good meal.
  4. Carry a scarf. In the summer months, it’s common to dress for the heat. When you step into one of the city’s gorgeous churches, it’s a sign of respect to keep shoulders covered when entering these sacred spaces. Also, while in churches, hats come off as well.
  5. It’s a different rhythm here, enjoy it! In our experience, the pace of life in the U.S. moves more quickly than here in Barcelona. So some things may move more slowly than you’re used to…and that’s ok! For example, restaurant servers here intentionally do not bring you the bill so as not to disrespect and rush your meal, so you will need to kindly flag them down when you’re ready to pay. Apparel store staff are not paid on commission, so they will not be hovering over you as you shop (which we actually really appreciate). It’s customary for people to arrive at meetings, reservations, appointments anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes late, which is just part of the vibe here — please don’t get offended or take it personally. You’ve come here to experience new cultures, rhythms and flavors, so just relax and roll with the Barcelona flow.

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