Gimme Some Barcelona Travel Guide!

Hey friends!  Ever since we moved to Barcelona this past year, we have been getting tons of questions from you all about our favorite travel recommendations around the city, since it sounds like so many of you (and everyone you know) are planning trips this way.  So today, I’m happy to finally present to you our Gimme Some Barcelona Travel Guide!

Granted, I feel the need to note up front that we’re totally not professional tour guides — just two newbie expats who have totally fallen in love with this city.  And totally love trying new places.  And, of course, totally love to eat.  So as you can imagine, in our short time here, we have already compiled a surprisingly long list of travel recommendations.

So we are excited to finally share those with you today!  There’s tons of information here, including a running list of all of our favorite places to eat, what to do, and where to stay in Barcelona.  Plus, we’ve also created a list of Barcelona-specific pro travel tips for how to navigate the city like a local.  And, I’ve created a snazzy Google Map that you can download to keep track of it all (and avoid getting lost while you’re busy grammin’ all of the charming alleyways here).  😉

We promise to keep updating this guide weekly as we continue to discover more places that we love around the city, so stay tuned for more to come!  And please, if you have your own Barcelona travel recommendations to share, we’d love for you to leave them in the comment section below too.  We personally would just love to hear ’em (especially since so many of our best recommendations have come from you).  But more importantly, we would love for this page to be a helpful collective resource for anyone traveling here.

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Vale.  Alright friends, let’s get to it.  Here are our favorite Barcelona travel recommendations, including:

  • Our Barcelona Travel Tips
  • Where To Eat
  • What To Do
  • Where To Stay

Our Barcelona Travel Tips

Gimme Some Barcelona Travel Guide

Our favorite paella in Barcelona — the “bomba” paella at Barraca.

Where To Eat

Naturally, my favorite subject.  ;)  Which works out well, because this is the #1 question we’ve received from friends, family and all of you readers coming to Barcelona — where on earth to eat!

There are literally thousands upon thousands of places to eat here in Barcelona, with new great spots popping up literally every week now.  And as someone who tends to plan my vacations — and, let’s be real, everyday life — around food, I really want your mealtimes here in Barcelona to be home runs!  (And since everyone here eats 5 meals a day here in Barcelona, hey, you have every excuse to squeeze in a few extras.)

So here’s our current list of favorites.  And as you’ll see, they truly are our (Ali and Barclay’s) faves.  We’ve only listed the restaurants and dishes that we have personally tried and recommend, so accordingly, the list is a bit limited…but very personal…and growing by the week.  ;)  That said, if you come to Barcelona, we would LOVE for you to share your specific recommendations in the comments below so that this can be an even broader resource.  We promise to keep updating our recs, and look forward to checking out many of yours as well!

Breakfast / Brunch

As we mentioned in our post about the 5 Meals A Day In Barcelona, most people here in Spain eat the American equivalent of “breakfast” in their homes.  But that said, breakfast and brunch culture is on the rise here (especially thanks to tourism), with more new options popping up each month.  Here are a few of our faves for grabbing an early bite to eat:

Cheap / Portable Lunches

Another thing that’s new here in Barcelona?  Restaurants serving inexpensive lunch food “to-go”.  Locals here are big believers in taking the time to sit down and enjoy a proper lunch (and also, pretty appalled at this idea of takeout).  But if you have a busy travel day on the go, here are some options that even the locals will admit are pretty awesome.  (Some also include a few tables, if you’d like to dine in.)  Bonus? You can also easily eat at each place for about €5.

Mediodía Menus

Mediodía menus (a.k.a. “menus del día”) are one of our favorite tips for eating in Barcelona!  You can read all about them in our post here.  They’re often advertised on signs outside of restaurants.  But feel free to also ask your server at a restaurant if they offer a mediodía menu, and you might be in luck.  They’re a fantastic way to sample some of the best dishes at restaurants around town for a fraction of the price.

Dinner / Tapas

There are literally hundreds of dinner restaurants that we have on our list to try here in Barcelona.  But here are some of our favorites so far (most of which are also open for lunch).  Also, to narrow things down, if you’re craving paella, Barraca is our fave.  Traditional tapas?  Bar Del Pla, Bar Mendizabal, Centric or Bormuth.  A break from Spanish food?  San Pedrito or Grasshopper.  👌

Desserts / Sweets

There’s shortage of dessert options available at every place you might stop in Barcelona for lunch or dinner.  But if you are looking for some extra ways to satisfy that sweet tooth (and also maybe purchase a few sweet souvenirs to bring home), here are a few places that all of our guests have loved!

  • Bubó (Desserts / El Born)
  • Chök (Cronuts, Donuts, Chocolate / Gothic)
  • Demasié (Cinnamon Rolls, Cupcakes, Desserts / El Born)
  • La Colmena (Traditional Sweets, Chocolates / Gothic)
  • La Pallaresa (Best churros!!! / Gothic)

Cocktails / Beer / Wine

Honestly, the drink scene here at tapas restaurants is so strong that we rarely find ourselves going to actual bars.  But that said, when you’re craving a memorable drink, these spots are a few of our faves!


If you’re a coffee lover, I highly recommend taking a minute to read our post on How To Order Coffee In Barcelona.  Coffee shop culture — plus the actual coffee drinks themselves — is fairly different here than in the States.  And similar to wine and cocktails, we more often end up ordering coffee at restaurants than going to actual coffee shops themselves here.  But that said, we’ve always been huge fans of coffee shops, and more and more of them are popping up here in Barcelona.  So nix Starbucks, and try one of these local faves!

What To Do

In a city that offers so much diversity, this isn’t always an easy question. Whether you like to see a place through its sights, sounds or flavors, we’ve put together a few of our favorite ways to experience Barcelona.

Museums / Cathedrals / Top Sights


Live Music


Day Trips


Where To Stay

We still have yet to do much research on where to stay around town, but we promise to report back with some updates on great places to stay soon!  The two places we have stayed and loved so far include:

Also, for more boutique/luxury hotels, we recommend looking here.  For discount hotels, we recommend this list.  For hostels, we recommend looking here.

Alright…Your Turn!

Questions?  Requests?  Recommendations to share?  We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!  

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12 comments on “Gimme Some Barcelona Travel Guide!”

  1. Yay! We’re coming to Barcelona this July, and I was hoping you would post some recommendations sometime soon. Thank you for this comprehensive list!

    Have you visited any vineyards yet near Barcelona?

  2. What an amazing list! Thanks for putting this together for us.

  3. This guide is AMAZING! I visited Barcelona back in college (15 yrs ago) and have been itching to go back ever since. These recs may have just bumped the city back to the top of our list. Everything looks so delicious. I bet you guys are having the time of your lives!

  4. SO excited about this guide! Going to be in Barcelona staying in Barceloneta for 2 months w my fiance (we’ve been traveling around the world for the last 6 yrs) and normally I do alllll of our travel research and planning and I’m so happy to see it’s all been done for me by you guys! YAY! : ))) So many amazing spots I cannot wait to check out!

  5. This makes me want to come back! We were in Barcelona last year and loved this little tapas place in El Born – El Xampanyet. It’s noisy and chaotic in a good way, the house cava is delicious and the tapas were the best we had!

  6. If you are craving a good burger, head to OVAL, close to the University of Barcelona. It’s a build-your-own-burger kind of place with high quality ingredients. I also wanted to recommend El Comidista blog, El Pais newspaper food blog. You will find recipes, the history of some famous Spanish dishes and restaurant reviews, mainly from Barcelona, as most of the staff lives there. I hope you enjoy Barcelona and if you come to Madrid, I’d be glad to give you some recs!

  7. Thank you for doing this! My partner and I will be there in late June for a too short two days before we train north to a family wedding in France. We’re going to stay in the El Born neighborhood so I’m basically just going to plan to look at all of your recs for food and drink! Woohoo! If we see you and I say hello, please know I’m a friendly, not creepy, blog fan. LOL.

    And now to make your crockpot beef ragu on a rainy Sunday!

  8. I love seeing so many of the places that we loved on your list! 💕💕💕 Our favorite eats while we were there visiting last fall included Bar Del Pla, El Nacional, Can Paixano, and La Paradeta. We also loved FireBug for brunch!

  9. Too bad you two haven’t had time to go out and have some fun since you got there?! WOW. This was worth the wait. What a comprehensive guide, and so thoughtfully and beautifully prepared. Can’t wait to check it out this summer.

  10. Any recommendations for gyms tourists can use?

  11. We loved Boca Chica and El Nacional!