Orange Bourbon Cranberry Sauce

I know that Thanksgiving cranberry time is now past, but bookmark this recipe for Christmas because — if you can’t tell by the title — it will definitely kick your holidays up a notch.

The credit for this one goes to my lovely sister, Sarah, who is the cranberry queen of our family. Every year, she and her husband Jeff (a.k.a. Gimme Some Oven’s talented web designer!) research creative new recipes to try for Thanksgiving. And once again, they did not disappoint. We all gathered at their place in Chicago this year for an all-day homemade feast, featuring a pomegranate-mustard-glazed turkey, yummy stuffing, creamy mashed potatoes, blue cheese green beans, homemade sourdough and na’an, pumpkin cheesecake…and this orange bourbon cranberry sauce.

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How To: Make Whipped Cream

How To: Make Whipped Cream {Gimme Some Oven}

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I’m always a little surprised at how impressed people seem when I make homemade whipped cream to go on a dessert, or crepes, or whatever the occasion may be. Mainly because….it really is SO easy!! I love whipping it up because the texture and taste are miles above the Cool Whip or whatever you can buy at the store. And actually, the carton of cream it takes to make it is usually cheaper than the pre-made stuff – go figure!

So for anyone who has never tried making homemade whipped cream, here’s a quick how-to. Grab your mixer (or your trusty whisk), a carton of cream, a teaspoon or two of sugar and vanilla…and in 5 minutes, you can be enjoying your own fresh, homemade whipped cream. YUM.

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Pumpkin Cheesecake With Gingersnap Crust

Pumpkin Cheesecake With Gingersnap Crust {Gimme Some Oven}

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Had a lovely time celebrating Thanksgiving with family this year, spending the day sharing stories, lots of laughs, and of course…lots of delicious food!

One of my three contributions ended up being this fabulous pumpkin cheesecake — the perfect finale to our meal! I was stoked. The crust came out beautifully. The cheesecake somehow miraculously had z-e-r-o cracks in it (wahoo!). And the rich, delicious flavor of the pumpkin combined with the spicy gingersnaps could not have been better. But alas, one small detail just had to pose a problem: the dallop.

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