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10 Things I Learned In Austin |

10 Things I Learned In Austin

“I am a firm believer that every few years one needs to shake one’s life through a sieve, like a miner in the Yukon. The gold nuggets remain. The rest falls through like the soft earth it is.”  ~Amy Pohler, Yes, Please We actually did it. After years and...

Rinko Kikuchi in David Zellner's Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter

March in Movies: Treasure hunting for answers

Gimme Some readers, sometimes it takes a great movie a long time to make its way to us. I saw Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter in January 2014, at Sundance, and it is finally—finally—coming to art houses this month. Kumiko the Treasure Hunter is a small film (small budget, small cast, small...

(Free!) March Playlist |

March in Music: Playlists for lions and lambs

I’m sitting here on the last day of February, watching the snow come down. It’s supposed to fall well into the day tomorrow, the first of the new month. I am not a fan of cold, winter and greyness, so I am holding tight to the old adage about...

March Dare: Eat More (Leafy) Greens |

March Dare: Eat More (Leafy) Greens!

It’s March!!! Time for madness!  Time for St. Paddy’s!  Time for Spring!  Time for all things green! Heck yes.  After a cold and gray winter, I’m always oh-so-ready this time of year for some more green in my life.  And after a season full of often heavier comfort food, I’m...

Note-Writing Tips and Thought Starters |

Note-A-Day Tips & Thought Starters

In honor of our our February dare to write a note-a-day, I’m thrilled to welcome a friend here today from a company that knows more than a little about writing great notes — Hallmark Cards!!  Sarah has been a writer at Hallmark for 10+ years, and now is part of the team behind...

February In Movies |

February in Movies: Your Oscars Cheat Sheet

It’s time for the gowns, the speeches, the snubs and the bets. It’s Oscar time. Let’s say up front that, yes, the Oscars are problematic. The Academy’s voting base is largely white and largely male…not to mention, largely, well, mature. So the movies they vote for tend to be...

February Playlist |

February in Music: 3 Playlists for Different Valentine’s Days

Here at Gimme Some Oven, we never shy away from a celebration. Even if that celebration is fraught with complexity, controversy, and conflicting points of view. So, we’re diving head (and heart) first into February madness with three playlists for three different ways of celebrating Valentine’s Day

Write & Send A Note A Day

February Dare: A Note A Day

Happy February, friends! A new month means that it’s time for a new dare here on Gimme Some Oven.  In January, a bunch of you joined in with our dare to Move In The Mornings, getting out of bed and trying to get our heart rates up even for...

My Advice For Single People |

My Advice For Single People

Annnnd, we’re back!  After six months of radio silence on the topic of singleness, I’m feeling like writing about it again.  Partly because I’ve been getting all inspired and fired up and rah-rah-fist-pump-ish lately about some things I want to share with you.  But also partly because I really want...

10 Things I've Learned: Erin |

10 Things I’ve Learned: Erin

There are so many good friends I have met over the past few years who make me feel like we’ve known one another our whole lives.  But today’s contributor to our 10 Things I’ve Learned series is actually someone I have known for most of my life. Everyone, meet Erin. I actually...

10 Ways To Beat Those Winter Blues |

10 Ways To Beat Those Winter Blues!

Who else is so over winter? Ugh, it’s no secret that winter and I have never gotten along.  My happy place involves sunshine, tank tops, sandals, big sunglasses, ponytails, ice-cold drinks, bright morning walks, warm evenings on the patio with friends, and warmth galore.  But somehow the place that I call “home”...

Jennifer Aniston in Daniel Barnz's Cake.

January in Movies

Welcome to movie watching in 2015, everybody! January is sometimes a quiet release month because the studios try to take advantage of holiday audiences in December. But this January we have three powerhouse performances by talented women on our must-watch list: Three actresses nominated for this year’s Golden Globes are...

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