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This post has been a bit of a surreal one to write. Because, to be honest, I still can’t quite believe where life has us currently. Nine months ago, we were newly pregnant and over the moon to be expecting a second IVF baby around my birthday at the...

Day In The Life

Happy Friday, everyone! ♡ I realized the other day that it’s been over a year and a half since I’ve done a day in the life post on here…and I kind of miss them! So now that we’re back home in Barcelona and getting settled into our usual routine...


Happy August, friends! Teo and I are comin’ to you live kiddie-poolside this morning from our back terrace, where we’ve been splish-splashing around (or as they say in Spanish, chapa chapa) multiple times a day lately to try and beat the heat. Not gonna lie, our first summer with...

Ali Martin and her son, Teo


Bon día from Barcelona! ♡ I’ve been looking forward to sitting down and writing an update here for ages and somehow kept getting pulled in other directions. (Seems to be the case with most of the things on my to-do list right now while chasing a very cute and...

A Note From Ali

A personal update about food blogging, career pivots, and a new chapter ahead.

Teo in his high chair


A long (long, long, long) overdue hello from Barcelona!

Baby Teo

Meet Teo!

Hi friends! Just wanted to pop in briefly from maternity leave to share an update today, because there’s someone very special I’d love for you to meet… …our sweet Teo! Our son, Teo (pronounced the Spanish way, “tay-oh”) Elliott Martin, was born on March 16. And for those of...

Ali Martin Third Trimester Pregnancy


Bon dia from the home stretch of our third trimester here in Barcelona! I can hardly believe it, but we’re now less than two weeks away from getting to meet our baby boy, which has us feeling all the feels right about now. Timehop actually just reminded me that...

Ali Martin in Barcelona Kitchen

Day In The Life

A photo journal of my day yesterday here in Barcelona. ♡ 7:45am: Buenos días from Barcelona. ♡ Getting a late start to the day today, after not sleeping so well this week. Our lil’ babe has been setting records lately with how many times he wakes me up during the...

Baking linzer cookies for our neighbors


Warm greetings from Barcelona! ♡ I have to admit that I had really (really) been hoping to write this month’s update cozied up in front of a fireplace back in Kansas, where we had planned to spend the month of December home with our families. But, like so many of you,...

Ali Martin Pregnant In Barcelona

Hey, Bebé!

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I’ve looked forward to finally having this news to share. We’re pregnant, you guys! ♡♡♡ Those of you who have been following our story for awhile know that it has been a long road for Barclay and I as we...

El Gotico Barcelona


Hey, friends. ♡ How are you doing today? Hangin’ in there? Finding a moment when you need it to recharge? I realize that the last update I posted here was back in March, just a few weeks into what ended up being a very-long and very-strict period of quarantine...