Breakfast Bohl Barcelona


What It Is: 

A self-proclaimed “wholesome kitchen,” Bohl is a cute little breakfast/lunch spot specializing in healthy, delicious things you can eat in bowls. In a town where tapas bars are everywhere, this place offers the other end of the spectrum: food that’s light, healthy and so, so good.

Where It’s Located:

A couple blocks from the Arc de Triomf (Eixample neighborhood)| Google Map

Why We Love It: 

A beautifully-designed space with wholesome food and delicious coffee, Bohl is one of our favorite places to start the day. They have options for most dietary restrictions, including a wide variety of milk choices at the coffee bar. The staff are lovely too!

Menu Recommendations:

  • We had their banana bread and a bowl of porridge with chia seeds, banana, goji berries and pollen. Yum.
  • They also have some of our favorite (actual!) iced coffee in all of Barcelona, complete with bamboo straws and coffee ice. Win-win-win.

Other Tips:

  • They also offer coffee to-go.
  • Most of the bowls are around €6, and the coffee is as affordable as most places around Barcelona.
  • If you’re wanting a slow morning or just want to read your book while sipping good coffee, this is a good option.
  • Vegetarian- and vegan-friendly options abound in this place!


Website | Facebook | Instagram | t: +34 93 007 39 67

Porridge at Bohl - a perfect breakfast

Bohl Banana Bread

Bohl Iced Coffee

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