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Our DIY Wedding Programs (“Passports”!)

Initially, Barclay and I were planning to nix the detail of having printed programs for our wedding. But at the last second, we decided that it seemed like a helpful touch, especially considering some of the music details that we really wanted to communicate to our guests. So we hopped online to look around at some options and instantly realized…

…custom-designed programs are expensive. ?

And with 350 guests at our wedding, each of those puppies added up. So we decided to go the DIY route and make our own!

To go with our travel theme, we thought it would make the programs look like passports. But since we procrastinated and literally saved this project until the week of our wedding, ha, the passport theme ended up being pretty loose. Especially when I realized that I have about zero graphic design skills. (Although I am pretty proud of that little paper airplane I managed to draw flying toward Kansas City on the front cover!)  Still, were pleased with how they turned out, and were able to print them on recycled paper at a local printer for hundreds of dollars less than the options we found online. And people seemed to really enjoy them! So we were happy with them! ✈️

Here’s a close-up of the text for anyone interested (reformatted in the order, since the print layout was all jumbled):