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December 10, 2012 by Ali

Our December giveaways continue here at Gimme Some Oven! As our follow-up to last week’s giveaway for ‘The Cook’ (which is still open through Dec. 16), this week we are celebrating ‘The Baker’!

And I couldn’t be more excited about the five different brands who are so generously sponsoring the giveaways. From a premium bread machine, to a fabulous baking gift set of goodies, to an uber-multi-functional hand blender, to a fun and colorful baking confections gift set, to a cute option to choose your own apron, I’m pretty sure all of these prizes will have you ready to bake the day away this holiday season. Any of these would also be fantastic gifts for the foodies in your life. Or you might even want to treat yourself to a little holiday present of your own. ;)

Either way, be sure to read below to learn more about each of these amazing brands. Then enter for a chance to win, because we will have 5 lucky winners!

Also be sure to visit the other four Gimme Some blogs (Film, Life, Reads, Style), as we now have nine giveaways happening on the sites right now that you won’t want to miss, including some special giveaways as we kick off Hobbit Week today on the blogs! I can hardly take it – too much fun! :)

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Items Included In “The Baker” Gift Set Giveaway:

1 Breadman 2.5 lb. Bakery Pro Bread Machine ($199.99 value)

For all of you bread bakers out there — or all of you who want to learn how to be bread bakers — you are going to love this giveaway from Breadman! We are going to be giving away one of their sleek, beautiful 2.5 lb. Bakery Pro Bread Machines. But don’t be fooled by the name. This baby can do way more than just bake a basic loaf of bread.

This bread machine allows you to choose the size of the loaf (2.5, 2, or 1.5 pounds – or bake two 1 lb. loaves at once). And then it also comes with an automatic fruit and nut dispenser, 3-crust shade options and 13 customizable baking functions make it simple to try something new with each loaf, including low-carb, gluten free, and artisan dough. Seriously, technology blows me away sometimes. The best thing is that all of this can happen with pretty much the push of a button, and then you will have a home that smells amazing, and professional-quality bread to serve to your friends and family. Delish!

So be sure to check out Breadman’s website, where they are posting some amazing holiday sales right now (including $50 off this bread machine!). And you can also find them on Facebook and Pinterest.

1 OXO Baking Giftset ($150 value)

I am so excited to have OXO as a part of this giveaway, especially after I have been using my adorable little cookie spatula (above) while baking batches and batches of cookies this month for Cookies for Kids Cancer (an incredibly cool program created and sponsored by OXO). So I am excited that we are going to be giving away a Good Cookie Spatula to one lucky reader, plus an amazing baking giftset valued at $150!

OXO has long been one of my favorites for “tools you can hold onto”, as they say. They are so well made, always easy to grip, and so smart and functional! I have been caught star-gazing at the OXO wall at the store on more than one occasion, always checking to see what great new tool or design they have come out with next! And now one of you will have a new OXO collection in your own home! The winner will receive a Good Cookie Spatula, a 4-Piece Mini Measuring Beaker Set, an Egg Beater, a Pop-Up Cookbook Holder, a Stainless-Steel Mixing Bowl Set, a Magnetic Digital Timer, and a LockTop Container (perfect for cookies and cupcakes!).

Such a fun prize pack! So be sure to visit OXO’s site to learn more about the great products they have, and you can also follow them on FacebookTwitter. And then also take a moment to visit their site and Facebook page for the Cookies for Kids Cancer program. I hope you will consider getting involved!

1 KitchenAid 5-Speed Hand Blender ($129.99 value)

How many of you are fans of kitchen appliances that have a million functions? (I’m raising my hand high here in my little loft kitchen with no storage space!!) Well, then I’m pretty sure you will be a huge fan of this amazing 5-Speed Hand Blender from KitchenAid. Made with the industry’s first ever interchangable stainless steel blades and the first-ever removable pan guard (so you don’t scratch up your cookware, this high-tech baby is brilliant! It blends, chops, shreds, minces, froths, mixes, whisks, emulsifies, aerates, and will basically turn into your new favorite appliance.

I especially love to use hand blenders for whipping up a quick smoothie, or shredding some quick veggies, chopping nuts, or even frothing up some milk for a homemade latte! So quick and simple, easy to clean, and you don’t have to worry about using a large appliance for a small task. And I also love that the 1-liter pitcher also comes with a splash-proof lid. Always a good thing in my kitchen! :)

You can check out a great video to see the 5-Speed Hand Blender in action here. But then be sure to also visit KitchenAid to learn more about their latest products on the website, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

1 Giftset from The Bakers Confections ($71 value)

Oh my goodness. For all of you readers who love to make food look cute (in addition to delicious!), I’m pretty sure you need to immediately visit one of my favorite Etsy shops – The Bakers Confections. It is pretty much cute food packaging heaven. From adorable cupcake liners of all kinds, to paper straws, to twine, to sprinkles galore, to printables, and so much more, this sweet Etsy site is literally a one-stop-shop for everything you need to make your food look all the more colorful, cute and fun!

So I’m excited that one lucky winner will win an awesome gift assortment from the shop, including the: Girls Rainbow Jimmie Sprinkles, Girls Rainbow Non Pareil Sprinkles, White Scallop Baking Cups, Mini Girls Rainbow Striped Paper Favor Bags, Cake Pop Lollipop Sticks, Girls Rainbow Striped Wooden Ice Cream Spoons or Cupcake Spoons, Rainbow Stripes Paper Straws with DIY Printable Flag Toppers, Girls Rainbow Baker Twine Mini Bundle Pack.

So be sure to poke around and see all that The Bakers Confections Etsy shop has to offer. Also connect with them on Pinterest and Facebook, where they are currently in the midst of their own 12 days of Christmas giveaways. Exciting!!

1 Choose-Your-Own Apron from Pamwares ($32 Value)

I actually went “shopping” myself for this part of the giveaway. I really wanted an apron to go with the baking giftset, but for the life of me, I could not find any aprons online that I genuinely liked!!! It seemed like every apron was either too frilly, to impractical, too boring, or too…meh. But after an hour of searching and getting depressed about the state of apron shopping online, I happened to stumble upon this colorful apron from the Pamwares shop on Etsy. And all of a sudden, it was as though the angels started singing.

SO MANY CUTE APRONS, PEOPLE! Oh my goodness. I could not stop favoriting them. So many cute, modern and bright fabrics. And they are all handmade by Pam, and she will make special aprons for you made-to-order as well. Plus, the full-size aprons are only $32!! I see many hostess gifts ahead here in my future. So check out the Pamwares Etsy shop, and also visit her on Twitter.

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Disclaimer: All giveaways have been provided by each of the brands listed. I was in no way compensated to host these giveaways, and all opinions are my own as always.

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  158. I would love to win all of it and share with my family!

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    - Jenna@LittleKItchenBigFlavors

  181. I would love an apron for my mom!

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    - Chung-Ah | Damn Delicious

  186. I would love to give the aprons as gifts! They are adorable.

    - Amanda

  187. The blender looks amazing, but the apron is really the icing on the cake. How cute!

    - Michelle S

  188. The Bakers Confections gift set would be great for a lot of folks I know!

    - Christine R.

  189. I would love the Breadman or the Kitchenaid Stick Blender. We bake a lot of bread in this house and the Breadman would allow us to do it more cost effectively (ie: don’t have to fire up an oven and heat up the house every time). It’d also be nice in the summer when running an oven is kinda excruciating.

    - Cait R

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    - Angela

  198. I would love the Kitchen Aid hand mixer. I don’t have a large Kitchen Aid, but have always wanted one–this one seems like it would be perfect for those small jobs that pop up when you don’t want to pull out the blender or mixer. And, my son would LOVE to help me use it!

    - MG

  199. I’d love to give that breadmaker as a gift so that my family could easily make gf bread :)

    - Cate

  200. that bread maker would be so helpful. Due to injury and illness, i am no longer able to make bread by hand. It would be a god send.

    - Tndipsydoodle

  201. I would love to give my wife the breadmaker, hers broke this year!

    - Jeffrey

  202. I would love to give out the bread machine as a gift. I bake breads and buns all the time and it’s much easier with a machine for my beginner friends.

    - Amy Tong

  203. I’d love to give one of those super cute aprons to a friend. They are so fun!

    - Brittany

  204. There is someone on my Christmas list who asked for that specific hand blender!

    - Laura

  205. The bread machine looks awesome, as does the KitchenAid. The aprons are so cute I’d be afraid to get them dirty!

    - Audrey B.

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    - Jess H

  208. I love the bread machine.

    - delia

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    - Maureen

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    - Natalie S

  211. I’d love to give the Oxo set!

    - Melisa

  212. Amazing giveaway

    - Kimi

  213. My boyfriend and I discovered between the two of us we are without any sort of mixer. The hand blender is calling his name (bonus – he does most of the week-day cooking! :) )

    - Jackie Cleveland

  214. I would give the paper confections as a gift and keep the rest for me!

    - Running Betty

  215. I would love to have the Breadman

    - Theresa J

  216. The aprons are all so pretty! They would make a great gift.

    - Corey

  217. I would love to give the OXO baking set to my sister. It would be a great set of supplies!

    - Kimiko

  218. Give? None! Keeping them all for me. But the hand blender might cross my mind if I were feeling generous.

    - K

  219. This is the most fabulous baking giftset I’ve ever seen. I must have it. Pick me, pick me, pick me!!

    - Amy Mikkelson

  220. I would love to give the 1 OXO Baking Giftset

    - Cheryl W.

  221. I would love to give the Kitchen Aid Blender!

    - Genell P

  222. WOWWWW!!! Would Love to win these..Love them!!!MUAHHH!!!

    - Ramya

  223. I’d love to win that bread machine. I would love to have fresh made bread more often

    - nicole @ I am a Honey Bee

  224. ummm,, I’d like all of it. waaaahahahahaha

    - Carrian-Sweet Basil

  225. I’d love to give the breadmaker to my wife!

    - Jeffrey

  226. The hand blender. I love mine and would love to share!

    - Erin @ The Spiffy Cookie

  227. The fiancé and I were just talking about getting a bread maker!

    - Rachel

  228. I love those aprons!!

    - Laura R

  229. I would love to give the hand blender to my mom.

    - Maressa

  230. I’d give that apron to my friend (and keep the breadmaker for myself!!)

    - alisa

  231. The apron!

    - Shannon

  232. I would give the bread machine to a great friend who loves nothing more than a fresh loaf of bread!

    - MeLisa

  233. I’d give it all to my mom! I’m away for christmas and we always bake together

    - Alex M

  234. That bread machine looks awesome!! But the Baker’s Confection grab bag is really pretty.

    - Amy

  235. I’d love to give the KitchenAid 5-Speed Hand Blender

    - Tarah

  236. The OXO baking gift set!

    - Andie

  237. Awesome! I hope I win!! xoxo

    - Betsy @JavaCupcake

  238. I would like an OXO Baking Giftset =)

    - Soph

  239. I would love to give away the baking giftset. So cute!

    - Chelsea

  240. This looks like a fantastic giveaway! Thanks so much for the chance!

    - Niki Baker

  241. Love to give my mom 1 KitchenAid 5-Speed Hand Blender, she has an ancient blender

    - Karen

  242. My mother would love the apron, so I would give that to her.

    - K

  243. I would love a bread maker!!

    - Avery K.

  244. I would love to give the bread machine to my daughter in college so she and her roommates could enjoy fresh bread!

    - karen

  245. My sister would live the bread machine

    - Kathy

  246. I’d love to gift the OXO baking set.

    - Kathy S

  247. I would love to give my friend the apron.

    - Laura @FoodSnobSTL

  248. Any of them! But if I’m thinking of my sister, then either the Breadman, because she has a house of hungry boys and neither the time nor the inclination to bake, or the apron, to guard against the inevitable messes in such a house.

    - Tracy

  249. would love to give the bread machine to my sis in law!

    - natalie@thesweetslife

  250. My mother in law would LOVE one of those adorable aprons!

    - meghan

  251. These are cute gifts! Love the OXO Baking Giftset! Perfect for the holidays!

    - Laura F

  252. The hand blender.

    - G K

  253. Would definitely gift the apron to my “fairy godmother” who makes me treats!

    - Courtney Mac

  254. I’d love to give myself the bread machine ;)

    - Stacy

  255. The kitchenaid hand blender

    - Jenny

  256. I would love to be able to give the breadman or the hand blender! Great gifts!

    - Alaina

  257. I would love the hand blender.

    - Donna O'Neil

  258. This is such a great giveaway! I would love to give away (or have!) the bread machine

    - Jennifer

  259. What a wonderful giveaway. I’d love to win it all!

    - Anna (sixtyfourcolorbox)

  260. i really need that blender set :)

    - audrey

  261. Everything is so wonderful! I can’t decide!

    - Kristen

  262. I would love to give somebody the OXO Bake Set

    - Corie

  263. It’s all so awesome I’m not sure I could part with anything!

    - Tammy

  264. I have a friend who would love one of those aprons!

    - Sara

  265. I’d be happy to win the hand blender.

    - Jared

  266. What a great giveaway! I am honestly in love with the Pamwares aprons! How cute are they?!

    - Liza

  267. Fingers crossed!

    - Sarah Lawrence

  268. The handblender would be a great gift for my mother in law

    - Hillary S.

  269. The oxo baking set is so cute!

    - Melissa

  270. I would love to give the OXO baking gift set to a friend that loves to bake.

    - Liz

  271. I would love to give bread machine to my mother.

    - Micky

  272. I would love to give the Apron to my mother in law.

    - Kristin T

  273. That bread machine is so amazing, would love to get my hands on that and those aprons! Adorbs.

    - Jessika

  274. Would love to win the hand blender…once fun kitchen gadget I dont have!

    - Carolyn S

  275. The bread machine would be great!

    - Katie

  276. My mom would absolutely love ANY of these gifts!

    - Amy

  277. I wldove the kitchen aid handheld blender.

    - Emily K

  278. My sister-in-law would love the baking set! She recently took a cake decorating class and is all into that. :)

    - Jennica Bridgman

  279. That bread machine would really be helpful for this crappy diet that I am on.

    - ruth

  280. OXO shtuff is the best.

    - grace

  281. Those aprons are adorable and would make a perfect gift!

    - Jeni

  282. I would love to give the Breadman to my dil or the KA mixer to my sister.

    - MaryB

  283. The hand blender!! I need one! So useful!!

    - Cara

  284. I would love to give the baker’s confections pack to my best friend. :)

    - mary smith

  285. I used to love my hand blender. After the motor burned out in it a few years ago, I haven’t replaced it, but man, I miss it. I loved all the yummy things I could make with it, like soups and milkshakes.

    - Andrea

  286. I adore anything to do with baking, but I’ve got my eye on the bread machine <3

    - Stefanie

  287. Oxo tools are always so good — this set would be great for my soon-to-be-daughter-in-law.

    - Deborah

  288. I’d love to send my niece the OXO set!

    - Patty Topp

  289. I’ve always wanted a bread machine. That would be a great Christmas Gift!!

    - Audrey

  290. What an awesome giveaway!

    - Patty Topp

  291. My cousin would love that bread machine!

    - Christy@SweetandSavoring

  292. The Bread Machine! My Roommate makes great bread!

    - Caitlin

  293. Would love that bread machine!

    - Sarah

  294. Two of my besties are food bloggers. And nothing like the holidays to make my kitchen feel inadequate! (It’s where we spend the most time after all!) I am enamored of all things on this giveaway. But the aprons had me at first sight! My Dean and Deluca apron is on it’s last legs (and also is quite unisex). I’d love to pick one (or lets face it, several) up so the three of us can be all matchy matchy when they are coaching me in how to be more awesome in the kitchen. Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

    - Jackie Cleveland

  295. Love it all!!

    - jodie

  296. Oh my… the Giftset from The Bakers Confections would be just the perfect gift for one of my favorite girls! So cute! Thanks!

    - Christine

  297. Oh my… the Giftset from The Bakers Confections would be just the perfect gift for one of my favorite girls! So cute! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

    - Christine

  298. Anything for baking! It’s my stress relief

    - Erin

  299. I would love to give the handmixer to my brother!

    - Meg S

  300. I would love love love to win the OXO bakers’ giftset!!!

    - Devyani

  301. I think I would want to give my sister either the OXO or the baker’s confections set… BUT it’s all so fun!

    - Lachelle

  302. Oops, I forgot to say I would love any of these wonderful gifts. I love the apron. My daughter would love the cookie spatula with the oxo set. She is five and a budding chef.

    - Carmen

  303. The hand blender set or the apron-my mom would love them :)

    - Leah

  304. Please Please Please let Christmas come early this year!!!!! Love the site, love your recipes! Each time I make something I found here, I am super impressed with the results. (So is my husband and all the soldiers at his work.) Thanks!

    - Carmen

  305. This is such a cute, fun gift set! I would love to win it! The bread machine looks amazing!

    - Emily J

  306. That hand blender looks awesome! I would give it to my Mom, her’s died and she needs a new one.

    - Jess W.Y.

  307. I would love the Breadman

    - Theresa J

  308. My 12 year old cousin loves to bake! She would enjoy the cupcake set so much.

    - Kalyn

  309. I would love to give the wonderful bread maker as a gift!

    - lindsay

  310. Would love to have the Bakery Pro Bread Machine as a gift. My father in law loves to make bread and this would be a great way to get rid of the old machine :)

    - Julie P

  311. I would love to give the bread machine to my FIL. He loves to make bread, so this would be really useful.

    - SaraC

  312. As much as I would love the OXO baking set, the bread machine is like a dream! Then I could use it to further my obsession with bread, much to the distress of my pants and scale. That being said, I would be happy with any of these. Good luck, everyone, and happy holidays! =]

    - Kellswah

  313. The apron would be a cute gift to give!!

    - Katie

  314. I would give away the Kitchenaid blender. I would have to keep the bread maker for myself, mine took a dump and is now at the landfill!

    - Jeffrey

  315. Been dying for a hand blender!

    - Jessica

  316. I would gift away the hand blender set.

    - Dan Polley (@polleydan)

  317. The Breadman would be my choice. To share the gift of freshly baking bread. Nothing like it.

    - Maureen

  318. I love the hand blender but I really want a bread maker too. Any of these would make me very happy

    - Meghan Finley

  319. I would have trouble giving away the baker’s confections set :) But I know some awesome bakers who would be giddy with it!

    - Katrina @ In Katrina's Kitchen

  320. I would love to give the hand mixer to my mother! She received hers as a wedding gift 25 years ago and can really use an upgrade!

    - Nikki

  321. I need a blender and a bread maker, but I really really want everything else! They’re all so precious!

    - Anna

  322. I’d love to gift away the KitchenAid 5-speed Hand Blender.

    - Heather

  323. I have always wanted to make my own bread! The bread maker would be amazing!

    - McKenzie

  324. What a great giveaway! I would love that hand blender and can think of a ton of people to share these gifts with.

    - Jess :)

  325. I would LOVE the Bread Machine. Mine Cuisinart one just recently died after 5 years of heavy use!!!

    - Bethany

  326. I’d love to give my mom one of those aprons…so pretty! :)

    - sara

  327. oooh a bread machine. For those days when I am feeling too lazy to go through all the steps but still want a warm and yummy loaf of bread!!

    - Dena Hamlin

  328. I’d love to give the confections gift set away…..and keep everything else. LOL Thanks for the giveaway!

    - Bree Courtney

  329. The apron would be a great gift for a cook!

    - Taylor

  330. Oh my gosh I hope I win one of these items. I love that bread machine and the OXO set! Thanks! :)

    - Kate

  331. I would love to win the hand blender or the OXO set. Thanks for the chance to win!

    - Rory W

  332. I would love the giftset from the bakers confection!! They are my favorite.

    - Ashley

  333. I would give the cookie & decorating as a set. (Great giveaway lineup, Ali!)

    - bet

  334. I would love to give the adorable apron!

    - Liz Bourne

  335. I’d love to give the OXO baking gift set!

    - Mireya

  336. The bread maker or the Kitchen-aid Hand Mixer. Love all of these prizes though!!

    - Dee

  337. Such a fun giveaway!!!!

    - Autumn

  338. I would love to give my mother-in-law the KitchenAid set! She would love it!

    - Kristyn Martin

  339. I’d love to give my grandmother the apron for Christmas! She is such a fabulous baker and I know she’d love a cute, new apron!

    - Katherine R.

  340. What a giveaway!

    - Becky B

  341. The Baking Confections gift set!

    - Kara D

  342. Oh, dear, what a giveaway! I’ve been pining for a breadmaker for sometime.

    - Kimberly @ Healthy Strides

  343. I’d love to give that bread maker to my mother-in-law. Since her kids left the nest she doesn’t bake much and I think it makes my FIL a little sad. That bread maker is something he could even do himself :)

    - Melissa @ Bless This Mess

  344. a friend of mine just got diagnosed with gout. since he’s not a baker, he’s been missing bread-I’d give him the bread machine

    - Teresa

  345. Gosh, it’s so hard not to be selfish and want to keep them all for myself! :) I am moving out of my parents’ and into my own house and need to stock up my kitchen! But I would give the apron to my wonderful mom.

    - Janelle

  346. I love OXO and KitchenAid products!

    - Hallie

  347. I love all of these, but I would really absolutely love the oxo baking set!

    - Amanda H.

  348. I’d love to give a bread machine as a gift–more people should eat warm, homemade bread!

    - Emily

  349. I would use the items to bake some wonderful treats to give as neighbor gifts. The Bakers confections items would make everything so beautiful!

    - Jennie

  350. This looks like such an amazing giveaway! Perfect for the holidays.

    - Megan

  351. I would love to have the KitchenAid hand blender!

    - Heather Hicks

  352. The Giftset from The Bakers Confections!

    - Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar

  353. All of them! But I especially love the colors of the giftset from The Bakers Confections! ADORABLE! I’d love to gift it to someone colorful :)

    - Treva

  354. That apron would be cute for my mom!

    - malerie c

  355. I would like to give the KitchenAid hand mixer as a gift.

    - Seana C

  356. The Kitchen Aid 5 speed hand blender

    - Tarah

  357. This is a great giveaway!

    - Bethany

  358. I would absolutely LOVE to give the bread maker to my MIL (sorta…boyfriend’s mom..whtvr)–she loves to make bread but she always complains that just 1 bread machine isn’t enough for how much she makes! This way she’d have 2 :)

    - Kayle (The Cooking Actress)

  359. The hand blender!

    - melissa@IWasBornToCook

  360. The Breadman Bread Maker would be my top choice!

    - Rebecca

  361. The OXO baking set would be awesome!

    - Kel

  362. I would love to give the OXO Baking Gift Set to my little sister!

    - Khanh