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30 and Single

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30 and Single |

I don’t cross-promote posts from other Gimme Some channels on here very often. But for anyone who’s interested, thought I should share that I just launched a new series on Gimme Some Life called 30 and Single.

Because, as you might have guessed, I find myself…

…30 years old and single. :)

If you’re here for the food, no pressure to tune in. But if you’re single, or if you’re married, or if you’re in any way curious about what it’s like to be living life as a single person in your thirties nowadays, feel free to click over and join the conversation! My hope is to to share some about my life and experiences with singleness in a way that’s honest, hopeful, empowering, respectful, and real. I promise, no whiny, man-bashing or bitter blogging here! (Although I might have to include a few hilarious first date stories…just a few…)

Anyway, thanks to so many of you for the encouragement to venture into this topic online. And cheers to venturing outside of comfort zones!

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14 comments on “30 and Single”

  1. Love love love this!!! Such awesome photos, too :)

  2. That’s such a cool idea for a series!

  3. Love love love this Ali. Even though I’m an old married woman, I can’t wait to read your series (especially the first date stories! Priceless.)

  4. So looking forward to these posts– and to sharing with my girlfriends too!

  5. So excited about this series Ali! Such a cute photo promo!

  6. Great post and excited for more. Everything you posted is almost exactly the way I feel/have gone through being 31 and single. Thanks for starting to blog about this topic!

  7. 29 and single here! If I had a dollar for every time one of my well meaning friends told me “You’re awesome! Don’t worry, he’s out there,” I could retire and travel the world.

  8. Ha! I love this! So cute you are, lady.

  9. No worried girl!!! Plenty of people our age are still single. I feel like with people figuring out what they “want to be when they grow up” much later in life it kind of pushes everything else back a bit. Good for you for being so open and sharing your experience with all of us!

  10. Love this, Ali! You are awesome! :)

  11. Ali, you are so adorable! Miss you, friend!

  12. Ali, very interesting post. If they would do it, I think it would be interesting to add some perspectives for your folks, Sarah and others from time to time.

  13. That was a great post. I understand the 30 and single for sure. I was 30 and all of a sudden found myself divorced and not sure how to navigate the single life. I am very blessed though to now at 32 to be dating an absolutely wonderful guy so I definitely won’t try to give you advice :). One of the things I do enjoy about your blog though is related to your single status. The blog is not laden with “kid friendly” dishes or statements like “I really like it this way but have to adapt for my (vegan, carnivore, picky-eater, etc) hubby”. Refreshing since so many out there are like that and I am not able to relate to those as well.

  14. Love this! Almost 28 and happily single! Subscribed!!!