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Travel Apps for Barcelona

Here are a few essential travel apps that you may find useful while navigating your way around Barcelona:

FreeNow: This works similarly to Uber or Lyft, but draws on the substantial quantity of official cabs in the city. NOTE: You have to confirm your payment at the end of the ride, so you must have a data plan while you’re in Barcelona. If you do have data, you can connect the app with PayPal, so you don’t have to worry about payment at the end of the ride. It really helps. iOS  |  Android

Barcelona Metro App: If you’re a fan of public transportation, this app will give you access to the map at all times. The free version has ads, which are a bit annoying, but manageable for the service this travel app provides. Also: the search feature is very helpful if you know the name of the stop you need, but can’t find it in this sprawling system. iOS  |  Android

Google Translate: This app gets better and better each day and will come in majorly handy if you do not speak Spanish (or Catalan). We recommend downloading their Spanish dictionary on your smartphone so that you can use it offline in case you do not have data while you’re out and about. Bonus: the camera feature lets you scan the language you’re trying to translate, and magically transforms it into English. It’s not perfect, but pretty fun to use. iOS  |  Android

Glovo: If you’re staying in for the night but really want some takeout, look no further. This Catalan-based company’s bike messengers deliver food, toiletries, and nearly anything else to your door for a reasonable fee. iOS  | Android

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