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Bar del Pla


Bar Del Pla

What It Is: 

Casual tapas restaurant for locals and visitors alike.

Where It’s Located:

El Born | Google Map

Why We Love It: 

This is a lively, popular spot for classic tapas with plenty of room for some innovative offerings. Despite having a reputation for being good-quality and fairly priced tapas, they haven’t lost their local feel. This is somewhat rare in the touristy neighborhood of El Born.

Menu Recommendations:

  • Mushroom salad with strawberries and wasabi sauce – it’s unusual, and also our favorite thing on the menu.
  • Like most places around here, their house wine is delicious and is available by the glass.

Other Tips:

  • They don’t take reservations online, so you can either call them (they don’t always pick up), or pop your head in during business hours to make a reservation. Otherwise, aim to get there as early as possible, as this place is very popular and fills up most nights. Much of the staff speaks English.
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WebsiteFacebook | TripAdvisor | Yelp | t: +34 932 683 003

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One comment on “Bar del Pla”

  1. We were just there and the Mushrooms with Wasabi was our absolute favorite too! I’m trying to crack that seemingly simple recipe. Yum!!!!