Bar Mut

Bar Mut

What It Is: 

Classic, high-end tapas in one of Barcelona’s trendiest areas.

Where It’s Located:

Gracià | Google Map

Why We Love It: 

Gracià is a neighborhood in Barcelona that used to be its own town. It has its own perspective and culture. Bar Mut is a cozy space nestled in this neighborhood, that offers creative, delicious tapas from an ever-changing array of offerings.

Menu Recommendations:

  • There is no set menu, so be ready to ask some questions of the staff. Most speak English and will be happy to help.
  • Remember, most of the kitchens in Barcelona are guided by seasonal eating, so you’ll discover some new flavors if you take recs from the staff!

Other Tips:

This is an undeniably good restaurant, but be aware that because there’s no set menu, things can get expensive quickly. If you’re going for a full dinner, it’s pretty common to spend €40-€60 per person.


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