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Chök | Gimme Some Barcelona Travel Guide


What It Is: 

Cute little bakery specializing in all kinds of chocolate, cronuts, donuts, coffee, and other baked goods. They have multiple locations, one of which is vegan.

Where It’s Located:

El Raval, near La Rambla. | Google Map

Why We Love It: 

We love this place for a quick cronut and coffee — either dining in (if you can find a spot!) or taken to-go. Everything we’ve tried there is crazy delicious. Plus, it’s easily one of the most Instagram-able breakfast spots in the city. It has rows of donuts hanging on the walls, pans sitting by the window full of cronuts, and the most beautiful original stained glass chocolaterie doors in the back of the restaurant. Definitely a fun stop if you’re in the area for either breakfast or a sweet snack!

Menu Recommendations:

  • Any of their cronuts! Their flavors rotate in and out regularly, but we love their pistachio, lemon, berry and creme brulée flavors.
  • The cookie sandwiches with all of the sprinkles!
  • Any of their chocolate bars. Or really, anything chocolate. :)

Other Tips:

  • People are always getting the locations confused, so double-check your map to find either the traditional or vegan location.
  • There are only a handful of seats, so be prepared to wait or take food to go if the place is busy.
  • Finally, take a peek in the back room, where one of their bakers is usually at work creating all of the magic.
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Website | Facebook | Instagram | TripAdvisor | Yelp | t: +34 933 042 360

Chök | Gimme Some Barcelona Travel Guide

Chök Barcelona | The Gimme Some Oven Travel Guide #barcelona #cronuts #chocolate #donuts

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