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Disfrutar molecular gastronomy | Gimme Some Barcelona Travel Guide


What It Is: 

A celebrated spot for elaborate, spectacular tasting menus with a focus on molecular gastronomy.

Where It’s Located:

Eixample | Google Map

Why We Love It: 

Some of the world’s cutting-edge innovations in molecular gastronomy have come from Cataluña and around Barcelona. If you’re looking for a high-end dining experience, this is one of Barcelona’s most notable. We went there with some friends who’d heard great things about it. The menu consists of a series of tasting menus (heads up – no a la carte options available), and was a delicious and fascinating way to go through a chunk of the week’s food budget. :)

Menu Recommendations:

  • There are five tasting menus to choose from. We chose the classic menu with their 20 most popular dishes.
  • They have a sommelier on staff to help you choose wines to go with the meal if you’d like.

Other Tips:

  • The prices range from €120-€185 per person for the tasting menu. Everyone at the table is required to choose the same tasting menu, for the sake of presentation and timing.
  • Wine is not included as part of the price of the tasting menu.
  • Finally, this kind of meal is an event. Make sure you set aside at least three hours to enjoy the full experience.
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