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four ways to decorate with postcards

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Four Ways to Decorate With Postcards | #postcards

Postcards can be an inexpensive and great way to document a trip, but what do you do with them? Usually I feel like they end up shoved in the back of a drawer and forgotten about. Here are a few ways to display or use them so they become a work of art and a great souvenir for all to see!

{1.} Create a banner

Four Ways to Decorate With Postcards | #postcards

Four Ways to Decorate With Postcards | #postcards

Four Ways to Decorate With Postcards | #postcards

After our trip to Europe this past spring I came home with some really great postcards. I knew I wanted to display them, but wasn’t sure how. I hung a piece of jute yarn with a couple nails and then just clipped the postcards on using clothespins. Five minutes later I had multiple postcards displayed and some great wall art!

{2.} Frame them

Four Ways to Decorate With Postcards | #postcards

Four Ways to Decorate With Postcards | #postcards

Framing postcards can be an easy way to create an inexpensive piece of art. This frame was a garage sale find for 25 cents that I spray painted ivory and was the perfect fit for this postcard. Art doesn’t have to be expensive to make a statement!

{3.} Personalize It!

Four Ways to Decorate With Postcards | #postcards

Four Ways to Decorate With Postcards | #postcards

When in Europe my husband and I sent a postcard to our home. (yes, I may have written it to my dog…)  I love getting mail and thought it could be fun to return home with a piece of mail that had traveled so far. Making your postcard personal gives you an extra reason to display it and is such a great conversation piece!

{4.} Make a keepsake box

Four Ways to Decorate With Postcards | #postcards

After years of having nowhere to put my postcards I finally bought a box to keep them all in one place. In the box I keep all of our postcards, along with a travel journal and misc. foreign coins. I keep it out on a side table in our living room for anyone to open and enjoy.

Anyone else have a box full of postcards that are waiting to be displayed?

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12 comments on “four ways to decorate with postcards”

  1. I love all of these ideas! Was actually trying to figure out what to do with some of the postcards I brought home from Europe – perfect timing!

  2. I love that you sent a postcard to Veda! Your ideas are great – what a fun way to remember all the fun places you have traveled!

  3. Love it! Your room looks great! I bet Veda loved her postcard :).

  4. Well you know how much I love postcards. Especially since that is what kept the romance alive while the hubby was away ; ) I think your so right postcards make the best art. Also want to see your apt. ASAP

  5. I always send myself a postcard wherever I am too ; ) Isn’t mail great, even if it is from your past self!

  6. Clever, clever, clever! I have some of my husband’s art hanging up on a fishing line using clothespins. These other ideas are lovely. I especially love the framed post card. Now I have to go revisit my antique mall and grab some post cards!