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5-Minute DIY Heart Candles

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5-Minute DIY Conversation Heart Candles |

Ok, I have to admit that I have been bah-humbuging a bit about Valentine’s Day this year. Some years I love it, some years I’d rather skip it all together. This year was turning into the latter…until I found these.

Spanish conversation hearts!!!!!!!

Yes, yes, I know this is not a big deal to much of the world. But for someone who adores speaking Spanish, this sweet little surprise in the Valentine’s aisle at Target positively made my day.  So of course (of course!) I bought way too many bags. And then came home and realized — oh — I much prefer to look at conversation hearts than eat them. So I decided to make a few little conversation heart candles!

And since they were ridiculously easy, and took 5 minutes (altogether!), I thought I would snap a few photos and share them with you. So for anyone looking for some last-minute Valentine’s decorations, or anyone planning ahead for next year, I hope you “heart” these as much as I do. :)

5-Minute DIY Conversation Heart Candles |

My first Valentine’s heart candle was one that I found at a garage sale years ago. The purple doesn’t totally go with my decor, so it has been sitting in a box for a few years. But the color is perfect for Valentine’s! So I just popped it on a plate (or you could use an “official” candle holder) and then surrounded it with conversation hearts. Easy peasy.

5-Minute DIY Conversation Heart Candles |

My second Valentine’s day candle was a simple hurricane vase. I bought this one last week at Target, as well as the simple vertical white candle inside. Then I just poured some conversation hearts in the vase to surround the candle. This also took — oh– about 10 seconds. :)

5-Minute DIY Conversation Heart Candles |

The final candle took a bit more work. Well, 5 minutes worth of work. All you need are 3 simple supplies:

  • a candle (I also bought this one at Target)
  • conversation hearts (check out that Spanish!!)
  • hot glue gun

5-Minute DIY Conversation Heart Candles |

This literally could not be easier. Simply heat up your hot glue gun. Then place a little dab of hot glue on the back of a conversation heart…

5-Minute DIY Conversation Heart Candles |

…and glue it onto the candle. Then repeat, in whatever pattern you’d like.

I’m always paranoid about anything I glue to the outside of a candle accidentally catching fire. So I only glued conversation hearts about halfway up the candle. Use your discretion there.

5-Minute DIY Conversation Heart Candles |

But voila! In literally 5 minutes, you can create any or all of these easy conversation hearts. Que linda. ;)

5-Minute DIY Conversation Heart Candles |

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11 comments on “5-Minute DIY Heart Candles”

  1. Me encanta

  2. I don’t speak Spanish but they’re still cute! Love the cards too.

  3. Oh, I love these Ali! What a great simple way to decorate. Pinned!

  4. This candle looks sweet with conversation hearts around it!! My girl always complain how lonely she feels in Valentine. I’m too busy to make a big party for her. But this stuff takes little time so I’ll definitely try it. I want to make something different for her. I should put chocolate around the candle instead of hearts so she can eat them :) (but I’m afraid they will melt :/