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christmas shopping for the newlywed couple

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Find out what to buy for the newlywed couple in your life! | #giftguide #shopping #christmas

If you are just stopping in for the first time I have been doing a series of posts giving ideas of what to buy for Christmas for all types and ages of people. This past year I have had many of my closest friends get married and it got me thinking about when I first got married. There were certain items that we definitely wanted over others! Here are a few ideas that hopefully will help guide you along in your Christmas purchases this year.

Christmas Items and Decor: 

My husband and I got married a week before Christmas so we were blessed with many Christmas inspired gifts, but for most newlyweds they tend to get married in the Spring or early Fall when Christmas shopping is not on people’s minds. I know for a lot of my friends they are having to start from scratch with decorations and that can be expensive!

Christmas Shopping for the Newlywed |


Christmas Gifts for the Newlyweds |

It’s a Wonderful Life$19.99

Christmas Shopping for the Newlyweds |

Burlap Tree Skirt$80.00

Christmas Gifts for the Newlyweds |

Just Married Ornament | $3.87

Board Games and Hosting Items:

Christmas Gifts for Newlyweds |


Christmas Shopping for the Newlywed Couple |

Catch Phrase$32.00

Christmas Gifts for the Newlyweds |

Acacia Wood 3 Section Appetizer Disk$17.95

Christmas Gifts for the Newlyweds |

Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker | $72.95

Gift Cards: 

As a newlywed it is always fun to go out on dates with your new spouse… but that can get expensive! Gift cards for dates are a great option. And if you don’t want to give just a gift card you can always pair it with a small gift! (ex. Movie Theater Gift Card with the couples favorite candy and popcorn)

Christmas Gifts for the Newlyweds |

AMC Theater Gift Card$50.00


Hopefully these ideas will inspire you and set you on the right track to finish up all your Christmas shopping!

Also I have started checking off my Christmas Checklist finally! Have you checked anything off yet?

Christmas Checklist |

Do you have any newlywed friends that would love these gifts? Is this your first Christmas as husband and wife? 


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3 comments on “christmas shopping for the newlywed couple”

  1. Oooh – I have that ice cream maker and LOVE it! These would all be fun gifts!

  2. Great ideas. A lovely idea to check out is a Dreamlines sketch of her dress. My hubs gave me a sketch and I am just in love with it.