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{diy} advent calendar (FREE) template!

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{DIY Advent Calendar} | #DIY #advent #calendar #christmas

December is here! Yesterday (oops!)  I barely made it in time with my advent calendar. Luckily this was such a fun and simple project that I could whip it up the night before! It only takes a few materials and I even made up a free printable template for you all. Merry Christmas :)

Here’s what you’ll need:

{DIY Advent Calendar} | #DIY #advent #calendar #christmas

Print out your template onto your choice of scrapbook paper and cut around the outline of the circle.

Lay all your circles out flat on the ground to get an idea of how you would like to space them out.{DIY Advent Calendar} | #DIY #advent #calendar #christmas

Attach your yarn to each circle with hot glue (see photo)

Attach a piece of candy to each day. I used hot glue but if you want to make it more re-usable you could always tie them on with string.

Tie the yarn onto the branch at desired length.

Hang your new advent calendar up on the wall!

{DIY} Advent Calendar (FREE Template!) | #DIY #calendar #advent #christmas #holiday

{DIY} Advent Calendar (FREE Template!) | #DIY #calendar #advent #christmas #holiday

{DIY} Advent Calendar | #advent #Christmas #DIY

{DIY} Advent Calendar | #advent #Christmas #DIY

This is a great way to celebrate the advent season and it is something that can be made up quickly if you happened to be late like myself! :)

Did anyone else procrastinate and make your advent calendar after advent had already begun?

This post contains affiliate links.


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  1. I love it!!! It turned out so great! Good idea!