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{diy} faux terrarium

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Have a black thumb? Make this simple faux terrarium! | #diy #terrarium

This week we are under going a kitchen remodel! I am excited/losing my mind. There is stuff! Things are coming along though… I can’t wait to show you the finished product! Of course I will give you a few play by play photos to enjoy as well;) That being said, it has been a challenge to do anything in our small loft! Cooking is a no-go right now, and crafting has to be done very strategically! Somehow we managed to fully block my craft dresser with the unassembled boxes of cabinets so getting into my supplies has been nearly impossible! Luckily, this project doesn’t require hardly any materials.

I love the look of plants in a room. They bring a color and life to a space that helps turn a house into a home. The only downside to them is they can be a lot of work! The other day at hobby lobby I was wandering around aimlessly throwing items into my cart running in to quickly grab one item, and came across the faux plant aisles. Normally I pass on by, but there was a whole section of faux succulents! I am a sucker for succulents–and they were 50% off! So I grabbed one of each style, and headed towards the check out. Then I decided that may have been an irrational decision and put all of them away except for one sprig (gotta stay on budget!) …which leads me to my next project–The faux terrarium!

Have a black thumb?  Make this faux terrarium for your home! | #diy #terrarium

What you’ll need:

Have a black thumb? Make this faux terrarium for your home! | #diy #terrarium

What you’ll do:

  • Gather supplies–I found my cheese dome at an estate sale for 25 cents! These guys can be pricey so I would recommend searching around at thrift stores or garage/estate sales. They are more common than you would think and i’ve never seen them for more than 5 dollars when they are thrifted! For more information on shopping thrift store or sales go here and here!
  • Take your dome off your cheese tray and set it aside.
  • Roll or brush on your acrylic paint onto the wooden cheese tray (shown above!)
  • I found that I needed to paint about 3 thin and even coats to get full coverage–but depending on the type/color of paint it could vary!
  • Take your faux succulent sprigs and cut any stems off.
  • Glue the succulents onto your painted wooden cheese tray.
  • Place the glass dome onto your new terrarium and call your mom to tell her how crafty you are!

Have a black thumb? Make this faux terrarium for your home! | #terrarium #diy


Have a black thumb? Make this faux terrarium for your home! | #diy #terrarium

Also I definitely recommend Young House Love‘s book! Makes a great book display and has some really great ideas. You can buy it here. If you have followed me for long you will notice that almost every book shot has had their book in it… yes we do read more than 2 books in our house..sadly all of our books are still packed away from this December’s move! I’m telling you, our house is a disaster right now!

Have a black thumb? Make this faux terrarium for your home! | #diy #terrarium

And in case you are feeling down about how messy your house/kitchen is, I’ll leave you with this photo:

kitchenstagram! |

Happy Wednesday!

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6 comments on “{diy} faux terrarium”

  1. I love this! Something like this faux terrarium would prevent me from torturing live plants by forgetting to water them, and would add a touch of plant life to any room! And your mom is very proud of how creative you are!

  2. Love how you can take anything and make it look good! Also, I can wait to see your kitchen done!! I bet you can’t wait, either!

  3. Ok, once my brown thumb takes over my terrariums (which inevitably is the end for any living plant in my house), I’m totally moving on to this. Succulents look practically faux anyway, so this is brilliant! :)

    Can’t wait to see more kitchen updates!

  4. Such a great idea! I’ll definitely be on the lookout next time I’m in an antique shop, I would love to make something like this.


  5. You make everything look great!. Your mother-in-law is proud of you and your many talents!

  6. Ooh! It’s so adorable!