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DIY Sea Salt Texturizing Hair Spray

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DIY Sea Salt Spray |

Oh my goodness, sorry for the radio silence on the DIY side of the blog lately! Busy season with lots of do-it-yourself cooking, versus projects. But today I’m back with a new and super-easy “recipe” that I’m currently obsessed with — DIY sea salt spray!

I will admit that I am totally a hair stylist’s customer-come-true when it comes to buying hair products. I never really seek them out on my own. But when my stylist works her magic and my thin, straight, flat hair suddenly has volume?!? Well, let’s just say that I’ll buy just about any products to try and re-create the look. One of those, of course, has been my trusty sea salt spray.

To be honest, I’m not quite sure why I love the stuff so much. Maybe it’s my undying love of all things salty, maybe it’s living just a little too far away from the ocean, or maybe it really is that effective. But whatever the reason, I’ve been hooked on using sea salt spray as a texturizing product for years. Something about it just seems to give my hair that extra “oomph” when it comes to volume, and also hold curl better all day long. (And, um, sometimes a few extra days.)

But paying $20+ for a bottle that’s practically just saltwater? Well, when my last bottle ran out, I decided to do a little improvising and see if I could make a homemade version instead. Turns out you can, turns out it only takes 4 ingredients, turns out works beautifully, and — the best part? — turns out that it literally costs pennies to make.

Here’s how I made mine:

How To Make DIY Sea Salt Texturizing Hair Spray | 1-Minute Video

Begin with 4 basic ingredients:

You’ll also want to have a nice spray bottle ready to go. I used this glass bottle from Amazon.

Heat the water in a measuring cup or small bowl until it comes to a simmer.

DIY Texturizing Sea Salt Spray -- all you need are 4 easy ingredients! |

Stir in the salt until it is completely dissolved. Whisk in the oil and a few drops of the essential oil. Then pour it into your bottle (with the help of a funnel, if you’d like) and give it a good shake.

DIY Texturizing Sea Salt Spray -- all you need are 4 easy ingredients! |

Spray it all over your hair while it’s still wet. Then once you blow it dry and style it…

DIY Texturizing Sea Salt Spray -- all you need are 4 easy ingredients! |

…get ready for some extra texture!!!

The formula I’ve listed above works best for me. But if you have more:

  • Dry hair, and you’d like a little extra moisture, add in an extra teaspoon or two of the oil.
  • Oily hair, then I’d go light on the oil and just use 1 teaspoon.
  • Curly hair or styled hair, and you want to really “set” or hold a style in place, you can add in a teaspoon or two of hair gel. (Otherwise, I’ll sometimes just use a bit of regular hair spray after styling my hair.)

Seriously, the sea salt creates that perfect “beachy” feel that’s perfect for curls, waves, or even just giving your straight look a little extra boost. Feel free to tinker around with the proportions to find the mix that’s perfect for you. But otherwise, enjoy this easy (and super affordable!) DIY alternative to the salon prices!
DIY Texturizing Sea Salt Spray -- all you need are 4 easy ingredients! |

This post contains affiliate links.

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105 comments on “DIY Sea Salt Texturizing Hair Spray”

  1. And it works with really short hair!

    I have short curly hair on top, short sides, and this spray helped define the short curls. I now have soft curls, and not wire brush hair. Love this DIY!

  2. Hi there, quick question. If the spray contains oil (in my case I would be using Olive Oil ’cause I come from Spain and that’s what we’ve got closest here ;)), will that mean I’d have to wash my hair more frequently? I assume it will get quite oily. I will try and put less quantity. Thanks!

  3. I absolutely love this diy hair serum! I used olive oil, since that is the only oil I had at the moment, it works great! Thanks!

  4. Hey, I’ve been using a plastic bottle but the salt keeps clogging it. Would a glass bottle with a metal straw, as pictured, help prevent this? Thank you!

    • I think it would work better to dissolve the salt in warm water first, and then transfer it to the spray bottle! Then the salt grains won’t be as large or in clumps

  5. Your hair is straight?? How’d you get that amazing style? Curling iron?

  6. Hi, I was wondering if it would be possible to use castor oil instead of argan oil, they both moisturize, right?

  7. Thank you so much for this recipe! i’m also a big salt spray fan for my very thick wavy hair but i’m deathly allergic to coconut, which most of the salt sprays on market contain as primary fragrance. My favorite salt spray (by OGX) has been discontinued even after being hard to get in Canada, but now i’m going to try your recipe! I have some high quality argan oil from Egypt and am heading out to grab an essential oil.

  8. That’s dope, but how many teaspoons are in an ounce 💀

  9. Hi there. Thanks for the recipe. I have made it twice and both times my mixture has molded…..has then ever happened to yours?

  10. How long can this be kept does it go bad?