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Easter Mason Jar

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Easter Mason Jar | #easter #masonjar #diy

Are you guys tired of moss and nests yet? I guess I have developed a theme this year! This is one of my favorite decorations yet! I love the simplicity of the old mason jar. What can I say, I too am a sucker for mason jars just like everyone else in the whole world. ;)

What you need:

Easter Mason Jar | #easter #masonjar #diy

What you’ll do:

  • Take your jar and fill it two thirds of the way full with moss. 
  • Gently lay your nest on top of the moss. Make sure the nest is laying flat and centered!
  • Place your eggs inside the nest. I didn’t choose to glue any of the materials down because I don’t plan on moving my jar, but if you want to to glue it down I would recommend hot glue!
  • Screw the lid back onto the jar and enjoy!

Easter Mason Jar | #masonjar #easter #diy

I put my jar in the window sill, but I can picture these as centerpieces on the table for easter, or even as a gift! For a fun kid-friendly twist maybe some artificial grass and jellybeans? The possibilities are endless!

Easter Mason Jar | #masonjar #easter #diyEaster Mason Jar | #diy #masonjar #easterEaster Mason Jar | #masonjar #easter #diy

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This post contains affiliate links.
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3 comments on “Easter Mason Jar”

  1. I love this!!! I want to try it with some artificial grass and jellybeans! Tonight!