Fourth of July Party Favors

Fourth of July Party Favors | #partyfavor #party #fourthofjuly #fireworks #kids #holiday

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We already talked about my love for sparkers here, but it would be crazy not to mention my second favorite firework.  “Pop its” or “Snap n’ pops” or “Party snaps” as some call them.  You know, those silly little fireworks that are loved by every age.  “Pop its” are not only a lot of fun, but are also pretty cute!  If you are looking for the perfect Fourth of July party favor look no further!

Fourth of July Party Favors | #partyfavor #party #fourthofjuly #fireworks #kids #holiday

What you’ll need:

Fourth of July Party Favors | #partyfavor #party #fourthofjuly #fireworks #kids #holiday

What you’ll do for your Fourth of July party favor:

  • Fill your pail with the “pop its” 
  • Tear a small piece of washi tape off the roll and adhere it to the lid of your pail
  • Stamp “pop” or your choice of word on top of the tape.
  • That’s it!

I love this favor because it only takes minutes to make and is fairly inexpensive!  If you don’t want to make a Michael’s run tonight any small jar would work great!

Fourth of July Party Favors | #partyfavor #party #fourthofjuly #fireworks #kids #holiday Fourth of July Party Favors | #partyfavor #party #fourthofjuly #fireworks #kids #holiday Fourth of July Party Favors | #partyfavor #party #fourthofjuly #fireworks #kids #holiday

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2 comments on “Fourth of July Party Favors”

  1. How cute/fun are these favors? Great idea and I love the packaging! xx Kat

    Love and Ace

  2. We should have pulled these out at the bbq. So fun, I always loved poppers!