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hey girl link up party and valentine’s day fun!

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Hey girl... | #heygirl

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope today is filled with love from everyone around you! In honor of Valentine’s day I thought it was the perfect time to join the Hey Girl link up party! The “hey girl” phrases that are all over pinterest crack me up on a daily basis so I love this link up! Head over to these five ladies blogs  (KellyMichelle,ChelseaBliss, and Ashley) to see more about the “hey girl” Valentine’s day challenge!

Besides turning my husband into internet eye candy,  I wanted to share a few of my valentine’s day projects that I have been working on. Hold on tight, today is a little random! :)If you didn’t already know this about me, I am a part-time nanny for two adorable children. This year I wanted to give them each a simple valentine that was different than the usual bag of candy, but didn’t break the bank. I have seen these sweet little mailboxes in Target’s dollar section for the past couple years and this year I finally snagged a few. At a dollar a piece they definitely were in my price range and gave their valentine’s the touch I was looking for! I also wrote their names on the front with a sharpie. Quick, easy, cute, done!

Makeover this Target dollar spot mailbox into an adorable valentine's box! | #valentines #target

My friend Beth hosted her annual valentine’s party this week as well which was so much fun! She puts together the sweetest parties involving homemade valentines, boxes, cookie decorating and card making. It was so much fun! This isn’t your average valentine’s party though. People go all out with the homemade valentine’s boxes and I was no exception! I may have gone a little over the top this year with my matching valentines and box..

Valentine's Box | #valentinesValentine's Box | #valentines

Valentine's Box | #valentines

Valentine's Card | #valentines

I pulled out the homemade stamp I made a few months back and stamped up some valentines…and then framed one. :)Valentine's Card | #valentines

…and just in case you love this bus as much as me, here is a pinnable vw valentine bus!

Valentine's VW Bus | #valentines

I also spent last weekend making some homemade dog treats and yesterday sending out a virtual valentine to my love on instagram.

Valentine's Day |

Valentines Day |

You are my happy place. | #quotes #love

So there is my Valentine’s week in photo form. Hope you all have a lovely day of love!

Also don’t forget to head over to Sarah’s blog today for some real Ryan Gosling love… hey girl! ;)

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10 comments on “hey girl link up party and valentine’s day fun!”

  1. The bus box is the cutest thing ever!!!! I’m impressed! Happy valentines day!

  2. Love, love, LOVE everything about this! Your VW box turned out so great!!! :)

  3. oh my WORD, liz.
    the VW bus box AND those valentine’s–are sooo adorable!!
    -and so are YOU.
    happy valentine’s day, lovey!! ;)

  4. Loving that VW bus mailbox!

  5. That’s gonna be my catch phrase for my husband this weekend… internet eye candy – love that!


  6. such great ideas!! so sweet! :)

  7. Such a fun party, huh? I love your Hey Girl photo, that’s priceless! Such cute Valentine’s Day projects, too. Love love love the VW bus!! I need one of those for myself printed out — do you have them on Etsy?? ~Angela~