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Kitchen Renovation Part Three-New Cabinets!

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Kitchen Renovation Part Three-New Cabinets! |

I know, I know…I’m dragging this reno on for years…ok not years, but weeks for sure! The thing is, Tanner and I get one day off a week together and it happens to be a Tuesday. For whatever reason, having a Tuesday off feels like a vacation day. It’s great because noone else has Tuesdays off so we never have any obligations or events on our schedule. It’s a whole day to spend together doing whatever we want.The negative side to that is that we never get ANYTHING done on Tuesdays. We sleep in, we go to our favorite coffee shop, we watch movies…you get the idea. So needless to say, the kitchen isn’t finished yet. BUT it is SO CLOSE. And we love it! For today though, here are the cabinets!

So here is where we left off, messy, messy and empty!

Kitchen Renovation Part Three-Kitchen Cabinets |


Kitchen Renovation Part 3--New Cabinets! |


Kitchen Renovation Part 3--New Cabinets! |

Kitchen Renovation Part 3--New Cabinets! |

Kitchen Renovation Part Three-New Cabinets! |

I’m sure you noticed the new bar and countertops–Tanner hand laid the wood on the bar and counter and I am in LOVE. Oh, and he made the bar too. What a stud:)

Kitchen Renovation Part 3--New Cabinets! |

This kitchen is becoming my favorite place in the house. I can’t wait to get it finished and make new memories in it! Stay tuned for more updates coming soon. Next up tile and paint!

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6 comments on “Kitchen Renovation Part Three-New Cabinets!”

  1. It’s looking great! That little cart fits perfect under there!

  2. Looking really good! I especially like the dark brown cabinets. Checkout our kitchen designs – Kitchen Design Gallery

  3. Love the reno – would like to know more specifics about the island. Thanks!