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Weekly Wear: Little Black Maxi Dress

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Little Black Maxi Dress | #maxi #dress #glasses #bonlook

Guys today is the last day to enter the Bonlook Giveaway! Get on that!  Here’s the deal. I love those glasses…partly because the last time I got a new pair of glasses was about two years ago so my prescription was way off with my last pair, and of course because they are just stinkin cute.

But also, let’s move on to that dress. When I was a kid my family took many road trips. We would all pack into our baby blue striped conversion van wearing some strange mixture of multi-colored windsuits and fanny packs and hit the road. But what I remember clearly was my mom’s “muu-muu”  as my dad would call it. Basically it was a long comfy dress that looking back on was probably genius because let me tell you my new maxi dress is so comfortable and eerily similar to the shapeless dress my mom wore back in the good ole days. (P.S. mom–don’t worry, you were right in style with the early 90’s fashion!) 

Little Black Maxi Dress | #maxi #dress #glasses #bonlook Little Black Maxi Dress | #maxi #dress #glasses #bonlook Little Black Maxi Dress | #maxi #dress #glasses #bonlook Little Black Maxi Dress | #maxi #dress #glasses #bonlook

Weekly Wear: {Outfit Source: Dress and Belt: F21, Shoes: Urban Outfitters, Ring: c/o August Wrinkle,  Bracelet: Hobby Lobby Chain, Glasses: c/o Bonlook}

**For the record I still think we should try and bring the fanny pack back. Who’s with me? Such convenience! 

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8 comments on “Weekly Wear: Little Black Maxi Dress”

  1. Giiiirl you look cute! And so sophisticated :)

  2. I’m pretty sure I never looked like you do in my “muu-muu”! This is adorable! Love you! Mom

  3. Oh yeah! I love this! Also, I am totally in favor of fanny packs. So much more comfortable when biking than having something digging into your shoulders. If only I owned one… but where to buy them, I don’t know!

    • I’m thinking goodwill is a gold mine. My mom has one that I’m trying to convince her to give me!

  4. I would love to bring back the fanny pack! They’re awesome. Ok, love that maxi dress – but looked at forever 21 website and don’t see it. :-( I am looking for one with sleeves!

    • Debra,
      I just checked their website and couldn’t find it either! I bought it in May I believe so you may have luck looking in the store. They tend to change out their merchandise rather quickly, but hopefully they still have it! I have seen multiple short sleeved maxi dresses at my local Marshalls if you have one near you. Hope you can find one!