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Weekly Wear: Little Red Riding Pants

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Here is the deal… I am a little annoyed with the colored pants fad… and not because I don’t love colored pants. (I do in fact love them!) It’s just that I really thought that we already did colored pants just a few years ago. And I thought for sure they would not come back so quickly–or at least not be the same fit and cut. Therefore, I got rid of all my colored pants that I owned. And the worst part? I did it just last spring. So, reluctantly I have purchased a few pairs this fall/winter and I will not get rid of them this time so help me!

Let me tell you something else. I don’t really wear red. Not that I don’t love the color red–I am just drawn to other vibrant colors–like gray, and black, and brown. (Still working through my constant gravitation towards neutrals!) But something about these red pants was drawing me to them. I put them on and fell in love…

And then brought them home and had a slight freak-out that I had just bought bright red clown pants.

Nevertheless, I still love these pants. They are bright, and happy and make my day so much more fun.

Oh, and surprise! I got bangs! And I like them…until next week when I am crying telling Tanner how much I have just ruined my hair. (Don’t tell me you haven’t had the post-haircut cry session) But for now, I like them.

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Also a little behind the scenes conversation on these next two photo:

Tanner: Hey, you should go stand against the doorway.

Me: Oh, good idea.

Tanner: No the doorway..

Me: I am in the doorway.

Tanner: That is the door, stand in the doorway.

Me: I don’t know what that means then–this is the doorway.

Tanner: No, that is the door (motions to the door) THAT is the doorway (points towards the “doorway”)

Me: You are ridiculous–here, now I’m in the “doorway”

Tanner: Yes, that’s good.

Red pants and stripes |

(The DOOR)


Just in case anyone was needing a little architecture lesson on this lovely monday. :)

Weekly Wear: Outfit Source: Pants: Marshalls, Sweater: Gifted Booties: Target, Scarf: Gap, Purse: August Wrinkle, Earrings: August Wrinkle, Belt: Trifted
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9 comments on “Weekly Wear: Little Red Riding Pants”

  1. Hahaha your conversation with tanner made me laugh. I seriously love your red pants! I really want colored pants- I used to have hot pink, but of course got rid of them as well!! Love this outfit!

  2. Love you and Tanners convo I can hear it right now! Love the outfit, you look great in red pants. Great look as always, you are motivating me to start looking cuter everyday even if I am too tired!

  3. Ha! That is totally a conversation my husband and I would have! Love the pants! Can’t wait until I have this baby and lose the weight so I can wear cute clothes again. :) Also, love the bangs. They look great on you!

  4. I love your bangs! And I love red pants!

  5. Such a good look! I love riding pants, but I only have them in black. The red ones are way cuter! And I agree with the others, the bangs look great!

  6. wow. your bangs look amazing! hope you don’t shed one tear over those beauts. and glad you broke out of your neutral zone for those fiery red pants. :)

  7. Where did you get these pants? They look comfy :)